How The April 1 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Leo

If you're big on signs and trusting the timing of the universe, you'll especially appreciate the next new moon. April 2022's new moon happens to land on the 1st of the month — talk about new beginnings. With every month comes the chance for a reset. It's a time to reflect on how deep into the year you are, and how much work you've done to achieve what you hope to achieve this year. Every month we find ourselves wondering how the time flew and where the past month went, which in a way lights a fire under you to give you a second wind to take some action. This energy is only amplified under the new moon. 

April 1, 2022's new moon falls within Aries season, which is considered to mark the new astrological year — see, signs all around, per Refinery29. If you're fortunate enough to have seen the cherry blossoms on your walk to work, you'll know that spring has officially sprung. The season holds the promise of new roots blossoming, and this spring new moon offers that same promise for you. 

You may already be feeling the power of this imminent new moon. As InStyle put it this is a "new moon on steroids" as it offers a powerful energy urging you to pursue a new beginning. With so much celestial power rushing around, it's imperative to understand what it means for your sign so that you can hone in on what aspects deserve some extra attention this April. 

Time for Leos to get adventurous

Sure, new moons offer the opportunity for renewal, which can often feel much needed. However, it can also sometimes feel daunting. Having to face your deepest desires and ambitions and confront yourself with how you have been slacking doesn't always sound like a whole lot of fun, no matter how restorative it can be. Well, if you're a Leo (July 23-August 22) you're in luck. Leos are typically all about fiery passion and intense, often overwhelming, emotion, per Costar. It's time for a bit of fun. 

This new moon doesn't call on Leos to uproot their lives or question their ambition at work or even to reflect on their innermost thoughts and feelings. Instead it's a time for excitement. With this new moon landing in Leo's "ninth house of adventure and higher learning," InStyle suggest you lean into your more adventurous side and take bold risks. Book that trip you've been putting off for ages, plan a fun weekend getaway with some friends, or even go for a long walk exploring your neighborhood — just get out there and see the world. You never know what it might show you. It's time to catch flights, not feelings. 

You have come so much further than you think

While this new moon is an opportunity for Leos to take a step out of your comfort zone and embark on an adventure, it also offers comfort. Your Tango urge Leos to allow for some positive introspection under the dark skies of this new moon. Take comfort in reflecting on how you are exactly where you are meant to be. Every decision you have made has led you to precisely where you need to be. 

You have big goals for this year, Leo. You may find it easy to get caught up in how far you are from what you want to achieve, but take a moment to recognize how much further you are from what you wanted to release this year. You have made so much more progress than you realize, and your dreams are closer within reach than you think. Your manifestations have been working whether you realize it or not. Bustle suggest you use this time of reflection to acknowledge how far you've come, and realize what you want to manifest moving forward — because whatever you're doing, it is working.