Here's Why You Should Avoid Using Concealer In This Common Spot

Makeup is all about helping us present our best selves. While no one needs makeup, it can be a nice boost that helps us have confidence while freshening up our look and hiding unwanted areas. To this end, concealer can be a lifesaver.

Concealer and foundation have helped many of us recover after a late night, head cold, or crying session. Just slap on a bit of our best concealer and we're good to go. In fact, there are many who vow to never leave the house without the proper concealer to hide their problems areas.

It's worth noting that concealer is different from foundation. Foundation is meant to be applied to the whole face to provide a neutral, full base. Concealer, on the other hand, is used to cover problematic spots, like dark spots, circles, and blemishes. How much concealer you need depends on how much your foundation covers (via Real Simple). However, there is one area of your face on which you may want to avoid applying concealer.

Makeup artists say there is one place you shouldn't apply concealer

Concealers can be deceiving, largely because no matter what type you use, there are some things that concealers just cannot do. In some cases, concealers can make existing issues look worse. Though there are countless good concealers on the market for dark circles, the best way to look vibrant is to avoid applying concealer along the entire length of the eye.

Makeup artist Nic Chapman told Good Housekeeping that there is one particular spot where you should never put concealer. "Always stay away from the outer edge and stay away from the crow's feet," she said. "You don't need concealer there – it has no discoloration from the rest of your face. So keep concealer away from there so that there's no excess product."

When there is excess concealer along the outer edge, it results in a caked-on look, which magnifies wrinkles. Using concealer where crow's feet pop up not only draws attention to the fine lines but makes them appear more pronounced.

If you can't let go of under-eye concealer, do this

For some, doing away with concealer, even if just on the outer edges of the eye, may be a struggle, especially if you've been relying on it for years. If you feel you must use concealer in that area, whether you don't have fine lines yet or want to hide an imperfection, a certain concealer works best.

Celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo says there is one type of concealer to avoid when trying to camouflage crow's feet.  "I try to stay away from heavy products that tend to cake quickly and look like makeup on the skin," Oquendo told "Instead, I use lightweight concealers that flex around the eyes and have medium to full coverage."

Getting to the root of dark under-eye circles is another way to go. Some ways to get rid of under-eye circles include getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and identifying triggers like allergies and food sensitivities (via Healthline).