How To Keep Your Natural Lip Color From Dulling As You Age

Aging is a gift; there's no doubt about it. Yet, with each passing year, it seems like your body needs a little sprucing up as the earth's harsh environment, sun's rays, climate change, and chemicals affect our skin on a daily basis. When you throw in insomnia and stress, you've got a perfect storm for looking a little worse for the wear. Still, even when you have a stellar skincare routine, your skin undergoes natural changes as it ages.

According to the National Institute on Aging, fat is lost in the skin on the face, which makes it look less firm and tout, and consequently makes way for wrinkles. Naturally, we all want to keep getting older, but that doesn't mean we can employ some tricks to help slow the aging process. Most people tend to focus on the eyes, with crow's feet being a source of frustration for many. Yet, the eye can be camouflaged with makeups tricks and concealers (though there's one common place you should never use concealer). 

However, lips can be a little different, and require special care.

How lips change as you age

It may be surprising to think of your lips as changing as you age, but they actually undergo many physical shifts. Existing lines become deeper, and lips appear to lose their bounce and look flatter (via Laser & Skin Surgery Center). Like other parts of the skin, lips lose moisture, which affects how plump they appear. They also tend to become dry more easily, giving a muddy, wrinkled look. The first thing you may notice is that they look thinner. However, the color of your lips may change, too.

Dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick told MindBodyGreen that lips not only lose their volume due to aging but can also lose pigment, making them appear duller. "As you get older, the lips tend to thin and [face] increased moisture loss, causing the lips to dry out, which may change the overall appearance and color, as having dry skin on the lips can make them appear dull," Garshick explained. Still, there are ways to maintain your lip color as you age.

How to boost lip color in aging lips

There are several things you can do to help aging lips look vibrant right at home without resorting to invasive dermatological procedures. The first thing to do is hydrate your skin. While drinking water is vital for the body's hydration, per the Mayo Clinic, there is no conclusive evidence that it will nourish the outermost layer of the skin where fine lines appear. So, it's imperative that you nourish your lips from the outside with balms and hydrating oils.

New Beauty recommends lips moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to keep your lips vibrant. A good lip scrub or exfoliator also helps. When lips are free from flakes and dead skin, your natural color shines through better. Moisturizers are available in colored tints, too, so you can boost your natural hue.

Next, select the right lipstick. Avoid dark colors like deep purples and reds, which can make your lip lines look more pronounced. Instead, choose light-colored peaches and nudes. Glossy, light colors bring a more youthful look to any lip. With some tender loving care, your lips will look refreshed in no time.