This Is How A Leo Shows Love

Oh, Leo, you're so easy to love. Between the charismatic way they do just about everything and the fanfare that follows them, it's almost natural for us to fall in love with Leo. Born between July 23 and August 22, Leos are summer babies that came into the world during a season of socialization and celebration so naturally, they are accustomed to being celebrated.

Aptly symbolized by the Lion, they are brave, loyal, and strong (via Allure). Some even consider Leo to be the sign of royalty, so when thinking about famous Leos, their big personalities make a lot of sense. Consider that former President Barack Obama and Duchess Meghan Markle are Leos. On the entertainment side, you'll find good company in Shawn Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis, Robert DeNiro, Madonna, Jason Momoa, and Sandra Bullock.

If you're dating a Leo, you undoubtedly already recognize their stellar personality traits and find them attractive, but how do you know if they are into you? Here are some fascinating ways Leos show their love.

Leos show their passion

There is perhaps no sign more passionate than fiery Leo. Led by the heart, these captivating lions are deeply intuitive and they know how to have fun, which makes a whirlwind combination. When they connect with someone, you can expect lots of affection. They're known for being amazing kissers (via Co-Star). Intimacy and lots of it is a given for a Leo in love. They want to feel loved as much as they want to show their partners they love them, too.

Beyond physical intimacy, Leos want to create an intimate friendship with their partner. Emotional connection is a must for Leo and they will strive to connect with their partner's mind and heart. For this reason, they seek out people who they can really talk to, both to debate the hard topics but also to bond in thought. You'll not only recognize Leo's physical passion if they are falling for you, but you'll notice their intent to connect with you on matters of the heart.

Attention seeking Leos will give their partners the same courtesy

According to mindbodygreen, Leos can be vain and love nothing more than to be recognized. They want attention, so partners will surely benefit from showering Leo with time, gifts, and gestures that let them know you're thinking about them. Keep in mind, that these actions won't go unnoticed. As much as Leo craves to be in the limelight, they will celebrate their partners with the same accolades. They know how good it makes them feel to be seen and they want to provide the same acknowledgment to their partner.

While these fire signs do thrive in the limelight, they have a serious side to them that is warm-hearted and compassionate. They can also be mighty fierce so when considering a partner to marry, they could benefit from finding someone who can balance their dominant personality. When they do, it could be a very generous and sweet union.