The Days Of Our Lives Alien Storyline Explained

Many "Days of Our Lives" fans love that the NBC soap opera isn't afraid to go a bit far-fetched with some of its storylines. Over the show's 55-plus years on the air, "DOOL" has given viewers some of the wildest, most dramatic, and bizarre plots of all time (via Fame 10). The sudser has done some wacky things in the past, including having characters Cassie Brady, Belle Black, and Mimi Lockhart participate in a dating contest called "Love is Blind" — of course, this left fans wondering if "Days of Our Lives" predicted the popular dating show of the same name — introducing Princess Greta, a girl found in a Lousiana swamp, and having a serial killer murder multiple beloved characters, only to find out that they were alive and living on Melaswen Island. Of course, there was also the storyline where Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) was possessed by the devil, per Entertainment Weekly.

However, "Days of Our Lives" fans know that the bizarre storylines make the soap fun and memorable for years after they play out on television. In fact, one of the most memorable arcs of all time included the introduction of two new characters who were believed to be alien lifeforms.

Belle Black and Shawn Brady found what they believed to be aliens

The "Days of Our Lives" alien storyline started in 2002 when teenagers Belle Back (Kirsten Storms) and Shawn Brady (Jason Cook) watched a meteor shower together (via Daytime Confidential). While outside gazing at the sky, the duo encountered a rounded object that landed nearby. Inside the vessel were two young people, who were later revealed to be twins Rex (Eric Winter) and Cassie (Alexis Thorpe). The two were dressed in skimpy, silver ensembles and couldn't speak English.

Belle and Shawn believed the two, later dubbed the Gemini Twins, to be aliens from another planet. The high school students tried to hide Rex and Cassie's existence, gave them clothes, and even taught them some English words, per The storyline was proving to be one of the wildest in "DOOL" history. However, the news about the twins soon got out when the duo was found by the ISA, which is when the real drama started.

Rex and Cassie were the children of Roman Brady and Kate Roberts

According to, after Belle Black and Shawn Brady discovered Rex and Cassie, "Days of Our Lives" ultimately revealed the real truth about the twins. It turned out that Rex and Cassie weren't aliens at all; instead, they were genetically engineered humans. While trying to figure out where the twins came from, Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) discovered that Cassie had the same rare blood type as Tony DiMera, and believed that she and Tony had parented the twins while she was being imprisoned by Stefano DiMera years earlier. Since the twins both had phoenix tattoos on their wrists, their connection to Stefano seemed evident.

However, it was later revealed that Stefano had created Rex and Cassie in a lab using specimens from Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) and Roman Brady (Josh Taylor), and used Marlena as a surrogate for the twins. Rex and Cassie eventually bonded with their newfound parents but opted to leave Salem as young adults, per Soap Central. However, Rex returned to Salem in 2018 with actor Kyle Lowder in the role (via Soaps in Depth). He has been on and off the canvas ever since.

While Rex and Cassie didn't turn out to be aliens from outer space, the storyline was one of the most bizarre and memorable ones in "DOOL" history.