Names That Are Perfect For Cancer Babies

Cancer babies are born at a wonderful time of year — that is, the days between June 21 and July 22. They arrive in the world just in time for summer, right at the beginning of the season. These summer babies are incredibly pleasant to parent, and grow into compassionate and kind children. At home, they are truly in their element. Cancers show their love by playing and engaging with family and friends (via MindBodyGreen). They can spend the whole day engaged in creative play. If they're an older sibling, they'll often take on a caretaker role with a younger sister or brother. The water sign also enjoys taking care of their pets and home.

The one trait that parents should be mindful about is their sensitive nature (via Co—Star Astrology). They feel their emotions in full swing, so when disappointed or upset, they can retreat just like their symbolic crab.

Nevertheless, looking to astrology is one way to find the best baby name for your child's Zodiac sign. If you're due in Cancer season and want to find a name to reflect your little one's entrance into the world, here are some names sure to fit your little crab's disposition.


The name Luna means moon, per Cancers are ruled by the moon, so as the lunar cycle changes, their emotions do, too. That's partly why they tend to be moody (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). While they may not quite be able to regulate their intense emotions in childhood, as they mature, they will learn to use their sensibilities for good. 

Cancers are loyal and considerate, so they enjoy harmonious relationships, but will always be highly affected by the ruling moon, which makes Luna an ideal moniker.


The classic name for the classic sign, William remains one of the most popular boys' names (via Nameberry). Since Cancers are true protectors of their family and friends, per InStyle, William has a nice blend of royal sound and historical background. Think of everyone from the legendary William the Conqueror to today's Prince William.

Billy is the common nickname for William, though the Irish version, Liam, has taken off in recent years, per Verywell Family. In either case, this name is perfect for your little protector.


As a French name, Margot is associated with "margarites," the Greek word that translates to pearl (via The Bump). Since Cancer is a water sign, Margot is a roundabout way to show off the sign's element. This is something that would appeal to self-protective Cancers who prefer to conceal their true selves until they really get to know you (via Allure). 

You can also opt for the straightforward Pearl, another classic and elegant name that showcases Cancer's elemental water symbolism. Either way, both names suit a Cancer just fine.


You can't get more on-point than naming your Cancer baby Henry. The name means home ruler (via Baby Center). Home means everything to a compassionate Cancer, and their family is at the center of everything they do, per Refinery29. It's also the name of many kings and royals. 

If you'd like to retain the name meaning but opt for a designation with more flair, try the European versions Enrico, Enzio, or Enrique. Incidentally, Julia Roberts, Colin Farrell, and Heidi Klum have all named a son Henry (via PopSugar).


The German name Adele stands for everything a Cancer is: graceful, warm-hearted, and loving (via Oh Baby! Names). Personality-wise, Adele is a number nine personality that focuses on affection and inspiring others while also placing supreme importance on relationships and friendships. So it could not be better suited for the kindhearted Cancer (via YourTango). The name sounds incredibly graceful, and if you love the talented singer, well, that's just a bonus. In time, a nostalgic Cancer will be honored to share the name with her.

No matter what you name your Cancer baby, they're going to love it and love you, because that's just what this sign does.