The Perfect Piercing For A Taurus

You can search all across the Zodiac and probably not find a more dependable and trustworthy sign than Taurus (via mindbodygreen). Born between April 20 and May 20, Taurus is the ultimate bedrock and foundation, friend and partner. They work incredibly hard and are diligent and reliable. It's no wonder that they make good partners because a Taurus shows their love with romantic gestures and affection that is stable and anchored.

Though perfectly symbolized as a bull due to their innately stubborn nature, Taurus also has a lighter side. One of the more interesting traits of the air sign is their enjoyment of beautiful things. Taurus is sensual in every sense of the word and luxury and comfort reign supreme for the steady bull. They appreciate fine things, including homes, cars, and jewelry.

The type of jewelry they like is both constant and luxurious. There are two types of piercings that are ideal for Taurus.

Lobe piercing

According to Cosmopolitan, the perfect piercing for Taurus is a lobe piercing. A lobe piercing is just what you think it is: the typical ear piercing that rests at the bottom of the outer lobe. It's usually the first piercing most people get. Even though it's common, it's also a consistent look.

Taurus is highly practical so while they want an aesthetically pleasing style, they also question how practical it will be on a daily basis. Co-Star says that Taurus is very comfortable with the status quo so they aren't necessarily looking for what's trendy or in at the moment.

There's also a certain amount of versatility with a lobe piercing. It can be mixed and matched in countless ways. You can wear classic studs one day, loops the next, and change up the earring style and size at will. Traditional Taurus would likely enjoy a medium-sized diamond stud or small gold loops.

Rook piercing

Though practical, Taurus also always has a toe dipped in all that is luxurious so they seek out glamour whenever they can (via Allure). For this reason, HelloGiggles recommends a stylish rook piercing for elegant Taurus. A rook piercing is placed right between the outer and inner ear sections, in the little ridge just below the outer lobe. 

For a rook piercing, a Taurus might have to sacrifice their practicality in the name of beauty. It's not the easiest piercing. A piercer must use a needle to go through the cartilage and it's not able to be done with an ear-piercing gun (via Byrdie). A rook takes about six to twelve months to fully heal. There's also a higher risk of infection with rook piercings than other common piercings, so make sure you go to a professional piercer who is experienced in performing them. Once healed, a diamond-studded rook is an option, and so is an Emerald, the birthstone of the bull.