How The Apr 16 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Leo

April has an air of astrological magic to it. Opened and closed by two new moons, this April offers a unique atmosphere and power in the air that you've likely already felt. On April 16, 2022 the full moon will be complete, and with it comes change. Each full moon has its own special name that represents its meaning. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the upcoming Pink Moon is not named so because of its color. Instead, it's named Pink to represent the springtime blossoming of pink wildflowers. If you're lucky enough, you may be noticing pinkness all around you as the trees blossom. Well, it's now your time to blossom, too. 

The Pink Moon happens to land in the sign of Libra. In fact, astrologer Jane Allison explained to PopSugar what role this sign of balance plays for the full moon, saying, "This moon offers us the ability to make proper adjustments where adjustments are needed. We come together to find balance — which makes sense, as Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice themselves!" 

The sign and planet in which every full moon lands is a vital element that can help you understand the message behind its power. But that's not the only sign that's in play here. Understanding how your sign will be affected by this full moon is the first step to knowing how to harness it. Leo, it's time to talk about all the talking you need to do.

Time for Leos to speak up

Leos (born July 23 to August 22) tend to get a bad rap. More specifically, everyone tends to get things wrong about Leo. The prideful lion sign's confidence is easily mistaken for arrogance, and outspokenness is mistaken for saying everything that's on their mind. While Leos can be quite chatty, with Co—Star Astrology even suggesting motivational speakers and autobiographical authors as the best career options for them, they actually tend to hold a lot inside. Leos are selective with what they share, rarely wearing their heart on their sleeve, protecting it instead. 

April 16's full Pink Moon lands in Leo's third house of communication, making it all about saying the right things. Woman & Home suggests that this full moon is the perfect opportunity for Leos to reflect on how they communicate with those closest to them. Use the full moon to reflect on whether you're feeling heard and whether what you're saying is truly expressing what you need it to. Question how you reach out to others, and how you should tap into your natural Leo ability to confidently speak up in a way that makes what you say more meaningful. 

According to Elite Daily, it's time for Leos to stop themselves from getting caught up in striving for acceptance and love from others, and it's time to express what you need. Step away from the idyllic dream state you like to live in, and face the truth. 

Flex those social butterfly wings, Leo

Communication doesn't all have to resemble that dreaded "we need to talk" energy; it can be fun. Yes, it's important for Leos to hone their communication skills this full moon, but the full moon landing in your third house of communication also means it's time for some social fun. Tap into your newfound and improved communication to connect in a deeper way with those closest to you. Bustle recommends harnessing the full moon's enlightening energy to have meaningful conversations. 

InStyle urges Leos to have some fun with it. For instance, fill up your social calendar with exciting plans with friends. After all, Leo should befriend certain other signs, and there's no better time than this full moon. Who knows what important conversations could spring out of spending some much-needed quality time. Trust your gut, too: If there's an important conversation you've been avoiding, find the time to reconnect with that person and share how you're feeling. Break free of avoiding conversation to avoid potentially bad outcomes. When done right, communication could make a situation better. 

Furthermore, astrologer Jane Allison suggests, "Take time to connect with your closest friends and arrange a social event, like a cocktail night or a spa day" (via PopSugar). Allison added, "It will be fun to catch up on what all your closest BFFs are up to." Take advantage of the beautiful changing weather to see people!