Here's How To Wear Black Lipstick

Black lipstick is one of those hues that can feel tricky to pull off simply because of how bold the pigment is. As L'Oreal Paris explains though, dark lipsticks can work wonderfully to give your look a rather luxe upgrade, especially if you want to try something completely unique. Interestingly enough, darker-hued lipsticks aren't just suitable for adding some depth to a glamorous look — they can also work well for everyday wear. This genius hack makes wearing dark lipstick a breeze: Apply a dab of red lipstick to the center of your lips to prevent the natural color from peeking through during the day. 


Since the '90s, dark-hued makeup looks have been hugely popular and it's easy to see why (via Who What Wear). Dark makeup can look absolutely incredible ... if you know how to apply it properly. Trust us though, once you learn how to wear black lipstick, you'll never want to rock any other shade.

Black lipstick is as popular as ever (and it's super versatile)

Black lipstick has recently made a comeback with a wide range of formulas available from leading beauty companies. Everything from basic black lipstick in matte shades to sheer offerings to chic liquid formulas is on offer, and they're all designed to be worn by everyone (via Cosmopolitan). According to Byrdie, that's because black (and dark) makeup is a bit like wearing black clothing— it's simply flattering on everyone.


While many people feel unsure about wearing black lipstick, it's an easier look to pull off than you might think. This dark lip color elevates your entire appearance to the next level.

How to prep your lips for black lipstick

According to Vogue U.K., black lipstick can look pretty rough on lips that are chapped or dry, as any blemishes become increasingly noticeable when you wear darkly pigmented lip colors. The outlet states that before you apply black lipstick, start by using a lip mask or balm to properly prep your lips in advance. You shouldn't put lipstick on chapped lips in general, as it's harsh on the delicate skin.


Vincent Ford, a makeup artist with Nars, explained the process to Vogue U.K., saying, "To prep, start by applying a liquid concealer, like Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, around the top and bottom of the lip line. Then lightly powder the outside of the lips with a loose translucent powder. This will help to achieve a crisp lip line and keep the color from moving." Once you've done that, you're ready for the next step.

How to apply black lipstick

When it comes to applying black lipstick, L'Oreal Paris recommends using a lip liner to line the lips first so the black pigment doesn't feather or bleed throughout the course of the day. For perfect application, consider using a lip brush to pack the color onto your lips. Trust us, this technique is great for a flawless and precise finish. To set your black lipstick in place, use a translucent setting powder and dab it gently onto your lips to lock the color in all day long.


Find the right black hue

You might think that all black lipsticks are the same, but that actually isn't the case. As Byrdie explained, black lipsticks vary dramatically in terms of color, formula, and how pigmented they are. Some black lipstick has a high-shine or gloss finish, whereas others have a matte finish.


When it comes to staying power, matte lipsticks are a great option, as they tend to last for longer than their glossy counterparts. It's also worth considering a black lipstick with different undertones, such as blue or purple, as these colors blend more easily with natural lip colors (per Vogue U.K.). For a less intense look, opt for a dark hue that isn't quite black, like a deep burgundy, dark purple, or super dark cherry. If you're not ready for a full black lip, these shades are a great alternative!

How to wear black lipstick (and look good doing it)

When it comes to how to wear black lipstick (and actually pull it off), L'Oreal Paris recommends pairing it with a smokey eye for a more put-together look. For a more subtle option, opt for lightly colored eyeshadows paired with your dark lipstick to create a balanced vibe. 


Byrdie recommends topping off black lipstick with an iridescent lip gloss to give your lips a wonderful dewy glow. If you're wearing a black lipstick with a lighter undertone, the outlet suggests lining your lips with a darker-hued lip liner and gently fading the two colors together for an ombre look. This completed effect makes quite the statement!