2022 Horoscopes We Hope Aren't True

When things go south in life, it's easy to blame the stars. Work isn't going well? Ugh, it's because I'm a (insert your sign here). Love life is getting you down? Mercury is in retrograde. The list can go on and on when it comes to the heavens, and it's easy (and oddly comforting) to scapegoat the stars when things are going poorly. But what if we actually looked at our yearly horoscopes earnestly, and tried to take some serious guidance? Doing that kind of introspective work can be difficult, and when we read a prediction that doesn't present us with the best news, sometimes it's easier to exist in ignorance.


To say that the last two years have been difficult, regardless if you were born in September or April or January, is a serious understatement. And for all of the signs out there, 2022 isn't going to get much easier. So strap in, because we have a collection of 2022 horoscopes we hope aren't true — but if they are, at least you can be prepared.

Aries should avoid a 'me first' approach to their love lives this year

Aries are known for their passion; after all, they've got to live up to their fire sign reputation. While an Aries' burning love for those closest to them is almost always well-intentioned, 2022 could bring some challenges. As per Horoscope, the love goddess Venus will be entering retrograde in Capricorn, the grounded earth sign, and this will cause Aries to face some trials.


While Aries are always trying to be their best selves, sometimes it's easy for them to get tunnel-visioned on what they want, rather than what their partner wants. Described as a "'me first' attitude" by Horoscope, this attitude could present some hurdles, and Aries should tread carefully — remember that it's not you versus your partner, but rather you and your partner versus the problem. Cafe Astrology doubled down on this 2022 horoscope, warning that Aries could face "pressures or restrictions" amid their romantic relationships, so it's important to be mindful. Take your partner's intentions and desires into just as much consideration as your own, and maybe you can combat the horoscope that is destined for your sign.


Carefully planned Taurus could see rocky roads ahead in 2022

Taurus is one of the most grounded and reliable signs, bringing their earth energy to everything they do. Our Taurus friends also love plans and simplicity, so they should really be bracing themselves this year. As per Astrology, Venus — which rules over a Taurus' romantic and financial interests — was in retrograde in January 2022, throwing Taurus for a loop. This unsteady footing only increased with time, as both relationships and financial interests were skewed — bad news for plan-oriented Taurus.


But don't think you're out of the woods yet, Taurus, just because January has come and gone. Astrology also noted that Uranus — an "unpredictable" planet with immense influence — will be along for the ride with you all year, and thus causing many aspects of your life to slip out of your control. Horoscope also noted that your career plans could be up in the air, as Saturn in Aquarius could seriously shake things up. So just try to relax, breathe into the possibility of the unknown, and try to embrace change as much as you can (even though we know you absolutely hate it).

This year should not be one for frivolous spending, Gemini

Oh Gemini, we really hope that you're ready to stomach what's coming your way. Our Gemini friends are known for their bold personalities, their social-butterfly status, and their quick wit — but these qualities might not save them from their own habits. Anyone who has a Gemini in their lives knows that for all the smarts this sign comes with, they tend to be a bit impulsive. In 2022, this is going to apply to their finances, so we're just keeping our fingers crossed that they have an emergency fund.


As noted by Ganesha Speaks, 2022 is going to bring some financial inconsistencies for Geminis. While the beginning of the year was most likely fruitful when it came to money, a number of Geminis could have a significant spending problem come spring. If you're reading this, Gemini, heed this warning: Don't buy something just because you can now, as the purchase might bite you in the wallet later. If you don't have a rainy day fund, start one as soon as possible. If you do have a separate account established already, start funneling money into it as soon as you can and cut down on frivolous expenses.

Beware of a mid-year slump, Cancer

Raise your hand if you know a very emotional Cancer? If you've ever had a Cancer in your life, your arm should be high in the air (if not both arms up). This water sign is known to be caring, just as they have a reputation of having emotional inconsistencies. And while there are some wonderful Cancers out there, this really is not going to be your year, it seems, Cancer. As noted by AstroYogi, 2022 is bringing a lot of "ups and downs" this year — let's start off with your career. Your career may have had a fresh beginning of sorts at the start of 2022, but be wary of the year's midpoint. AstroYogi reported that mid-2022 is potentially going to bring "major losses," and Saturn is transiting in its relative position to you.


If that's not enough to deal with, AstroYogi also detailed that while 2022 could still bring some good financial news, the year could be fraught with health problems. A mix of "mental stress and tension" could plague your sign, Cancer, so tread lightly when it comes to making calls about who you spend time with, what you spend your money on, and what you do outside of work.

Cancer should also be very tuned into family, as things could go awry

We hate to break it to you, Cancer, but we're not done yet. And before we continue on our 2022 journey, remember: It's not up to us, it's all in the stars. AstroYogi further detailed that in addition to a potential career slump and the possibility of declining health, Cancers should brace for some familial issues. Due to Saturn's proximity (Saturn really does have something against you, Cancer), our water sign friends could see "a decline in the family's happiness." This of course can come with all types of issues, so be on the lookout for any hyper-emotional and unstable family members.


Additionally, Cancer could experience some trouble within their own home. While signs and planets moving within the Taurus sphere are typically known for stability, the beginning of May will see Mercury in Taurus retrograde, causing Cancers' love lives to become and remain unstable. What's more, AstroYogi warned that Cancers should tread lightly and not rush into any decisions. Phew, what a year. Call us if you need anything, Cancer, it sure looks like a bumpy ride.

Leo might experience an end to a romantic relationship this year

Leo: the proud, exuberant lion. What could possibly go wrong for a sign who is so outgoing and unapologetically themselves? We hate to break it to you, Leo, but 2022 might not be so kind to you. Let us ask an all-important question — when you really think about it, has the beginning of 2022 been all that easy when it comes to your love life? We know that your immediate answer is, "Duh, everything is fine," but think about it seriously. If you felt some tension there, that is due to Venus being in Capricorn retrograde at the beginning of the year. It really messed with your natural rhythm, Leo, and Horoscope estimated that the commencement of 2022 might have stung for you.


And while you've overcome one hurdle this year already, don't think the race is over. In the middle of August, Venus will move into your own sign, giving you all the gushy, self-love feelings you love to indulge in. But we're warning you now — pump the breaks. Horoscope predicted that your partner could take this extra self-indulgence as a sign that you're just a little too self-centered to be with, so proceed with caution.

Virgo is destined to experience some career setbacks

Of all the earth signs, Virgo is arguably the most hyper-aware. Their Taurus counterparts are far more relaxed, and their Capricorn friends often look down from their CEO-styled office chair with cool judgment. But Virgos are scrappy — they plan and execute in an orderly fashion and are always reliable — and while many Virgos out there have made a reputation out of professional fulfillment, 2022 might see a serious fall from career grace.


As noted by AstroTalk, our Virgo friends were treated to smooth sailing at the beginning of 2022. But they shouldn't get comfortable, as the mid-year will see some serious professional challenges. From not being able to focus on the task at hand to not being able to fulfill deadlines, Virgos are in for a serious rough patch. Furthermore, students and those out there studying for exams should "expect moderate results" this year as a result of their horoscope predictions. We know this is a tough pill to swallow, Virgo, given your history of perfectionism. But remember that each setback is an opportunity to come back better — we know you hate being told something you already know, but you really will need the reminder this year.


You also need to be careful with your money this year, Virgo

Sorry, Virgo, but we're not quite finished yet. We know ... but the more you know about what the future might hold, the better prepared you're going to be. AstroTalk further detailed that in addition to career setbacks, Virgos are destined for difficulties when it comes to working with business partners throughout the year. Don't plan on expanding your sights or starting any kind of investment, Virgo, as the stars are telling us that it really won't work in your favor. Additionally, if you have a business or trade and are thinking about moving to a different location, maybe you should pump the brakes, as the "results shall be somewhat moderate," according to AstroTalk.


And don't just take one outlet's approach at face value. Ganesha Speaks also weighed in on Virgo's unfortunate reading for 2022, and added that our Virgo friends shouldn't plan on making any real estate decisions or further financial investments. They recommend that before you make any kind of jump, Virgo, that you really do your research and make sure that you're moving forward one baby step at a time. After all, the "odds of monetary losses are ... probable."

2022 will challenge you in a very head-on way, Libra

You'd think that if any sign could really weather the storms of 2022, it'd be Libra. The sign that is literally represented by the scales of justice, Libras are known for their extroverted personalities and their desire to bring balance to whatever environment they're in. Despite their well-rounded approach to life, Libras can expect some serious challenges in 2022, and what they'll be facing isn't as cookie-cutter and simple to understand. Unlike Geminis trying to get their finances in order, Libras will be doing a lot of deep, difficult soul searching this year. Horoscope noted that "potential metamorphoses" could take place for Libras in 2022, as the asteroid Psyche will reside in your sign from August until November. This will harness new power within you, Libra, but it could lead to some major changes.


Libras are always looking for harmony, but in doing so, sometimes they fail to see situations for what they truly are rather than what they want them to be. Psyche will challenge Libras greatly this year, as a "truth-seeking energy" will force them to carefully look at their own lives and closest relationships. Ready for life-altering change, Libra? We hope so.

The key to combating stormy weather is simplicity, Scorpio

If you've ever loved a Scorpio deeply, you know just how complicated their affection, inner-self, and dynamic is. Scorpios are famously known for being strong-willed, incredibly defiant, and often very secretive, making some of their deeper relationships a little tougher to navigate. 2022, for our Scorpio friends, has been all about stripping back these layers and seeking out a simpler, better organized life, but their sometimes turbulent nature has made this metamorphosis a bit tough — and it's only going to get harder.


As noted by Cafe Astrology, Scorpios will feel the pressure in their domestic lives in 2022. This may sound a bit odd, but in their pursuit of a quieter and more pleasurable daily life, Scorpios have been faced with a rather difficult choice — take on the responsibilities of adulthood, or run with the wind and never look back. If you choose the more domestic path, Scorpio, be prepared to face some challenges from your closest circle, as they may not be super attuned to the pressures you're facing. But remember, they're not ignoring you — they're simply allowing you to peel back the layers and establish your own foundation.

Sagittarius should buckle in for a bumpy 2022 ride

Oof, Sagittarius — we hope you're prepared for what can only be described as a rollercoaster of a year. To be honest, the stars seem to be a bit against you this year in our opinion, Sagittarius, and are really prepared to throw you for a loop that seems generally undeserved. While this sign is mostly known for being funny, intelligent, and generally positive, 2022 could seriously challenge these attributes, as the planets and stars are aligning for a Goliath-level experience. So strap in, because a lot is changing up in the heavens.


As per Astrology, Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter's expansive presence often allows for an open-minded approach to life, but 2022 is throwing a major curveball — Jupiter is jumping back and forth between sweet, ever loving Pisces and fiery, aggressive Aries all year long. Starting in Pisces at the beginning of the year, hopping to Aries and staying there from May to October, and then going back to Pisces until the end of the year will take you for an absolute spin, Sagittarius. Try to be as mindful as you can, and find some downtime whenever you get the chance.

2022 is all about resting, Capricorn, but there's a catch

We've made it to the CEO of the zodiac, but we're here to tell you, Capricorn, that you need to take it down to an executive assistant level (we still gave you the "executive" title, you overworked goat). Capricorns are known for their steadfast determination and "stomp on the necks of their enemies" approach to professionalism — they know how to get things done, but the challenges they've faced could be coming to a head. Cafe Astrology noted that given the demands that you often put on yourself, Capricorn, you need to start moving towards a "back to basics" path — you don't need to prove yourself all the time, so take a breather.


WAIT: Before you do, there's something you need to do (we know you love a task). Getting back to basics is going to require some well-established foundations in your work and personal life — try to scale it back on rocky footing, and the stars are here to tell you that you will 100% fail. So before you enter your "Eat, Pray, Love" era, make sure that all areas of your life are as fool-proof as possible. Seriously, you'll thank us later.

2022 will be a turbulent time overall, Aquarius, so be prepared

Bold, confident Aquarius — what could possibly go wrong for you? Well, we hate to break it to you, but 2022 is going to be anything but easy when the stars are consulted. As per Horoscope, the year basically started in a retrograde for you, Aquarius, which gave you a reprieve from pressure felt in all areas. But once January came to a close, it was back to the grind, and not in a good way. You're ruled by Uranus, and the planet will be partnered with stable earth sign Taurus for pretty much the whole year. This is going to feel like an uphill battle for your air sign tendencies. As such, your 2022 is destined to be an "inward tug-of-war between rebellion and normalcy," and we pretty much hate that for you.


There is a spot of good news, however. You're destined for another retrograde at the end of August that will extend for a good portion of time, so take this opportunity to breathe and come back to your own center. Taurus won't be with you for long, but we encourage you to take this year as an opportunity to grow (harder than it sounds, we know).

Mars Retrograde could prove to be challenging for Pisces

There is one sentence that a soft, lovable Pisces never wants to hear: "You're destined to face off against Mars retrograde." We really hate to be the deliverer of bad news here, Pisces, but 2022 is simply not going to be your year if the stars have any say in the matter. Cafe Astrology laid it all out for us — from October 30 of this year until January 12, 2023, Mars will go into retrograde in Gemini, a very stark leap from your own gentle nature, Pisces. As such, you'll start to feel pressures in your personal and familial life, and you'll likely find yourself questioning those who you consider closest to you.


This is a time to really dig deep, Pisces, and try to embrace the uncomfortable questions that Mars retrograde in Gemini is forcing upon you. You may wade through some "weighty issues" and finally get to the other side, and you just might get your home life in order. But be forewarned — some of your family members and close allies might not give you the patience you desire during this time, Pisces, so try not to take it personally.