The Reason Meghan And Harry Might Make A Royal Balcony Appearance

Buckingham Palace's iconic balcony is the equivalent of a red carpet for the royal family. 

It's the major location where royal fans are likely to see a large gathering of the monarchy, a family tradition that reaches across generations. The balcony is the place where royal family members gather during major events, such as royal weddings and Queen Elizabeth's birthday, per Cosmopolitan.


While the queen will turn 96 on April 21, 2022, the big celebration will be held on June 2. According to The Telegraph, since 1748, the birthday parade has been held during a time of warmer weather, regardless of the monarch's actual birth date. 

Called Trooping the Colour, this year's birthday parade will feature 1,400 soldiers and begin four days of festivities for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee (via Country Living). 

While some royals will be on the balcony, other members of the family will participate by riding the parade route on horseback or seated in carriages. The parade culminates with an aerial fly-past by the Royal Air Force, per

As reported in The Telegraph, the parade was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to crowd concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes a return to the celebration even more significant, in addition to honoring the queen's milestone 70-year reign. 


Adding to the excitement, there's a possibility that the royal group on the balcony might include Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's surprise visit to the queen

On April 14, 2022, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a quick visit to see Queen Elizabeth. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were traveling to the Netherlands to appear at the Invictus Games, per CNN. The visit was kept a secret, perhaps as part of Harry's security concerns while in the U.K.


As reported in The Telegraph, the visit was a positive one, with Harry and Meghan being asked to join the family on the royal balcony during the queen's upcoming festivities in June. Their role at the event will be strictly as family members since they are no longer working royals. 

However, a balcony appearance would be symbolic of family unity, after the turmoil and family rifts exposed during Harry and Meghan's ground-shaking interview with Oprah Winfrey.

According to the Daily Mail, the duke and duchess also talked about the possibility of Elizabeth seeing her great-grandchildren on a future visit, although no specific time was mentioned. Harry and Meghan's daughter, Lilibet, is 11 months old and has not met the queen. Archie, now 2, hasn't seen his great-grandmother much since the duke and duchess moved to the U.S.


However, due to their concerns about security, some people are speculating whether Harry and Meghan will be on the balcony on June 2, particularly if they bring their children. "I can't see, if they're requesting privacy, that they can show their children off on a balcony," royal author Ingrid Seward told Newsweek.

Harry has caused a stir in his balcony appearances before

This year's royal balcony appearance will be historic. According to The Telegraph, "the moment will be particularly poignant as it will likely mark the last big family balcony appearance of [Queen Elizabeth's] reign." Due to her mobility challenges, it is possible she won't feel up to standing on the balcony during next year's parade and RAF fly-past.


If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle accept the queen's invitation to join her on the royal balcony, it won't be the first time that the prince has gained media attention there. 

In June 1985, Prince Harry made his balcony debut when he was a few months old. Photos show Prince Charles and Princess Diana preoccupied with the care of a fussy, protesting baby Harry (via Insider). Three years later, Harry stuck out his tongue in the photos, causing his mother to look shocked, per Insider.

Harry's balcony invitation has also renewed speculation over whether Prince Andrew will be asked to join the group. Rumors about his participation in the jubilee have swirled since Andrew's spotlight-stealing appearance at Prince Philip's memorial in March 2022. According to Express, while no invites have happened yet, it is possible he will attend the June 3 church service. 


Andrew was previously excluded from the balcony during the 2012 Diamond Jubilee. That year, the group featured only senior royals, such as the queen, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge, per the Mirror.