How Travis Barker Asked Kourtney Kardashian's Father For Permission To Marry Her

Anyone who has watched "The Kardashians" on Hulu or follows Kourtney Kardashian's social media — or lives on the planet — knows how much the reality star and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker love one another. When the couple isn't making out, they are professing their devotion to each other by planning their future together, which includes trying to have a baby and getting married. 

In October of last year, Barker pulled off an elaborate proposal to his girlfriend complete with an untold number of red roses and a beachside family party. The engagement was captured by reality cameras, naturally, but before we saw the sweet moment play out on our televisions, Kardashian shared photos of the romantic proposal on her Instagram. Only now are we learning everything that went into Barker's plans to ask the mom of three to marry him, as the storyline plays out on the family's show. 

In episode 2, mom Kris Jenner shared the secret with Khloé Kardashian that the musician had picked a date to ask for Kourtney's hand in marriage. This was of course the same scene in which Jenner rudely demanded that a driver shut the trunk of the car she and her daughter were sitting in, much to the chagrin of Twitter. But back to the matter at hand —  Barker asked for the momager's permission to marry the Poosh founder. 

He also found a way to ask her father.

Kris Jenner shares details behind Travis Barker's romantic gesture

Kris Jenner's ex-husband and Kourtney Kardashian's dad, Robert Kardashian, sadly died many years before the reality clan even rose to fame. The OJ Simpson lawyer passed away in 2003 of cancer, very shortly after his diagnosis (via The U.S. Sun). 

But it turns out Travis Barker found a unique way to include his soon-to-be wife's dad in the proposal. In episode 3 of "The Kardashians," we learn that the drummer visited the former attorney's grave before popping the question. As Jenner shared with Kim Kardashian while the star was preparing to go on "SNL," "He said he went to your dad's grave and asked your dad [for permission], and I just lost it" (via People).

Over on Twitter, fans were also deeply touched by Barker's gesture, calling it "so deeply romantic" and saying it "so shows his true self." Another fan tweeted, "It's cool that he was trying to be respectful & still include her dad."

Adding to their sweet love story, most recently, the couple "practiced" getting married in Las Vegas.