These Simple Tips Will Keep Your Mascara From Running

Mascara can be the best thing on the planet but it can also be the worst. When it goes right, you get a bright-eyed, fresh look, lashes go up and stay that way, and it's truly lovely. But when the lashes stick together or don't curl, it can be a lesson in patience and endurance.

Yet the worst has to be when you apply it and it looks great, but it slowly leaks down your face when spring allergies hit, after a workout, or simply on a hot or windy day. This can be especially true with non-waterproof and organic versions, though believe it or not, there are some natural mascaras that actually work.

Makeup artist Nikki Wolff tells Real Simple that the reason that mascara smudges and leaks has to do with oil. "The oil in our skin, or creamy products applied around the eyes, can make the pigment of the mascara transfer onto skin, even after the mascara is dry," explains Wolff.

However, there are some tricks to get your mascara from running.

Remove eyelid oil

According to Marie Claire, eyelids contain even more oil than your face so getting rid of oil from the eyelids and surrounding areas is paramount. Makeup artist, Janice Daoud told the magazine that once she washes her face and applies moisturizer, she removes oil from her eyelids.

"I'll take a powder-laced blotting sheet and gently press it over my eyelids and under-eyes to completely mattify my lids, " says Daoud, who is Miley Cyrus' makeup artist. "Then, for good measure, I'll do one more pass with the paper after applying my liner and eyeshadow, just in case any residual oils from my brushes or beauty blender have made their way onto my lids.

Once your lids are oil-free, you're ready to begin applying your mascara of choice. There's an art to applying mascara like a pro. In fact, there are mascara mistakes you're probably making, so brush up on the basics first, like curling, separating lashes, and storing your mascara, and then try these tips to prevent mascaras from running.

Layer your mascara

This may seem initially odd but the key to keeping your mascara on is to prime your lashes. We're not talking about an eyelid primer, which is similar to face primer. Instead, you'll start out with a regular non-waterproof mascara, which may seem counterintuitive. Yet this supplies the base. "Apply your regular mascara first and then a coat of waterproof mascara on top," makeup artist Jenny Patinkin tells mindbodygreen. You can also opt to use a clear base coat instead of a colored mascara as the primer. The outer waterproof coat will set, and keep the lashes curled upward and intact.

The Mascara Wand suggests using powder underneath your eyes to ensure that oil doesn't sneak back during the day. A good matte finish powder will do the trick.

Of course, the type of waterproof mascara you choose will be a determining factor. Look out for the ingredient paraffin because that is what works to repel water (via Allure). There are some waterproof mascaras that work so well you can even use them by the pool this summer, so choose wisely before you buy.