The Truth About April From The Ultimatum

When Netflix released their new dating show "The Ultimatum," it became a quick success. The show, which follows six couples as they date other people and decide whether or not to get married or break up, is a new take on the classic dating show and fans got hooked, per Netflix. The 1st season revealed that while some couples can be put through this ultimate test and make it out alive –- according to Elle, four of the original couples got engaged -– others were not quite strong enough to make it through.

One of these couples was April and Jake. The pair shocked fans out of the gate as they were some of the youngest on the show, with April being just 23 years old, per Variety. Her insistence on getting married was prevalent from the start and she issued an ultimatum to long-term boyfriend, Jake. And although –- spoiler alert –- the pair did not end up together, fans are still curious to know who April really is and what she is up to today.

She was heartbroken after the finale

While Jake and April seemed to deeply care for each other, Jake chose not to marry April and to instead, move on. According to Variety, April took this news rather well, initially stating that she was okay with how things turned out as both she and Jake grew and learned from the experience.

But, after watching the finale and seeing that Jake did, in fact, get together with fellow contestant Rae after telling her he wasn't, April was heartbroken. "Seeing him just let me walk off crying like that and then approach this new girl that he just met a few weeks ago like, 'Hey gorgeous '— in the same tone that I remember him approaching me when we first started dating — it was cringe, and it was also just disrespectful, and it broke my heart," she told The Daily Beast shortly after the reunion aired.

Her heartbreak hurt fans a bit more as April was candid about her desire to start a family with Jake.

She has always wanted to be a wife and mom

Although April is only 23 years old, her desire to be a wife and mother is strong. According to Variety, she has always been in a long term relationship and has always had a deep need for a family that she can care for. She presented "The Ultimatum" to her then-boyfriend, Jake, because she didn't want to wait any longer, telling Variety "I was just like, 'What are we here for? Where's this relationship going? I don't want to waste my time. Let's get married."

Throughout the series, we also saw April get candid about her struggles with infertility. She told Life & Style that while filming, she was also going to fertility appointments with her doctors, then coming back to do the show. During one dramatic episode, April thought she had gotten pregnant because her cycle was late. Ultimately, it ended up being due to the stress of the show, but the moment was still hard for her, telling the magazine that she blew up on the show because no one knew what she was going through.

She has gotten popular on social media

As of this writing, April has 437K followers on her verified Instagram account. If you follow her, you will see photos of her daily life, including her recent birthday celebration, where the reality star turned 25. According to one of her latest posts, she is also making appearances locally in Texas. She recently promoted an opportunity to take your photo with her at the Texas Selfie Museum, a museum that lets visitors take tons of photos in front of adorable and fun backdrops.

Beyond her Instagram account, April is also active on TikTok. Her following is currently at 170.9k and her likes reach into the millions –- which is quite impressive since she has only posted about 30 or so videos thus far. Fans can follow her to find classic dancing videos and see her make a few jokes about her time on "The Ultimatum." She also has an active Twitter account and a fan page on Facebook.

She is a professional model

Outside of her social media influencing and reality TV stardom, April is actually a professional model. According to Inscriber Magazine, April was the Miss Florida Top Model winner in 2014 and went on to model for local Florida brands like FloGrown. Although April is only 5'1, she told the magazine that she finds inspiration from other shorter models, saying "My inspiration begins with all of the petite models who didn't let their height stop them from reaching greater heights in their modeling careers! Twiggy- British 60's iconic supermodel at just 5'4 walked Chanel & Versace shows. And my FAVORITE- Devon Aoki is also known as the SHORTEST high fashion model posing for Chanel & even becoming the face of Versace!"

According to Elite Daily, the reality TV star was born in San Diego, California, but moved to Florida at a young age. It is there that she found her initial success in modeling, but she actually moved to Austin, Texas for another modeling gig and after "The Ultimatum," which is also filmed there, she has decided to stay.

She has a new boyfriend

We saw April heartbroken at the season finale of "The Ultimatum," but that heart break didn't last long. According to TODAY, April revealed at the reunion that she was dating someone new. While she kept the details slim –- she only let fans know that he was an older man –- she seemed smitten. Later on, according to The Daily Beast, she spoke more about her new boyfriend, saying they have been together for six months. "This guy just came, swept me off my feet, we went on our first date, I didn't think anything of it. I was just like, 'OK, we're gonna go to an awkward dinner, I'm gonna come home, yada yada yada. And here we are six months later, we're still dating."

She officially revealed her new beau, a man named Cody Cooper, on her Instagram page shortly after the reunion aired, with a long caption showing her appreciation for him, ending it with "Thank you for walking into my life & showing me what LOVE is. Love you always, A." According to his Instagram, Cody Cooper is a broker/owner of Sprout Realty, a real estate agency in Texas. He also is co-owner of vaping product, Kwik Rip.