The Truth About Jaime King And Kyle Newman's Marriage And Divorce

Jaime King and her ex-husband Kyle Newman have been locked in a dramatic and contentious divorce since the actress filed back in May 2020. While it's now very clear that tensions are high between the two, at the time, the divorce filing and the additional requests King made along with it surprised many.

The twosome met back in 2005 when they both worked on the movie "Fanboys." As the story goes, Newman was the director and King was one of its stars when they first clicked. Two years later they were married, and in the years that followed they weathered numerous miscarriages and four and a half years of trying to conceive, which also included five rounds of IVF (per AZ Central). Their son Leo also has a rare heart condition known as transposition of the great arteries, which resulted in the young child having to undergo a major heart surgery (via Instagram).

Here's a look at the marriage and the ongoing divorce between King and Newman.

Jaime King and Kyle Newman met on the set of Fanboys

Jaime King and Kyle Newman were first introduced to one another when they both worked on "Fanboys," which began filming in 2005. King starred in the movie and Newman directed. At first, their romance was everything they both needed, with King once telling InStyle Weddings that they connected in a powerful way very quickly. She said, "I don't know why, but some part of me was instantly connected to him, and I loved him so much. It was intense. I never thought that would happen to me" (via ET Canada).

"Fanboys" was a particularly special project for the pair, as the movie is about children who love the "Star Wars" franchise, and both King and Newman grew up with the films, albeit in different ways. King told that while her mother was a big "Star Wars" fan throughout her childhood, Newman loved the films all on his own. She explained, "My husband made a film called 'Fanboys,' which is how we met. It's all about kids obsessed with 'Star Wars.' He can remember playing with 'Star Wars' toys in his crib."

Jaime King and Kyle Newman got married in 2007

Jaime King and Kyle Newman's relationship progressed quickly, with King telling InStyle Magazine that the two moved in together only three months after they began dating (via E! Online). Their engagement story was cute, too: King told the publication that Newman took her on a walk that, unbeknownst to her, was actually an expedition to track down a FedEx truck that was delivering her engagement ring. At the end of the walk, presumably once he had secured the ring, Newman proposed.

The pair got married in November 2007 at Greystone Park and Manor, which People has noted was also the site of their first date. The pair went on to have two sons together, and in 2018, King gushed about her marriage to Us Weekly, explaining that she and Newman were fulfilled as a couple and as individuals. She added, "Ultimately, my husband is my best friend and at the same time my lover, the father of my children, my favorite human in the whole world. And so when you come from a place of fullness, then you're sharing from a place that's really sexy and fun and free."

Jaime King filed for divorce and a restraining order in May 2020

Things between Jaime King and Kyle Newman broke down dramatically sometime between her gushing 2018 interview and May 2020, when the actress filed for both divorce and a domestic violence restraining order. The restraining order was temporary in nature. 

Newman's legal team was quick to assert that they felt King's claims, particularly those related to the restraining order, were baseless. A spokesperson for Newman implied to E! News that King had added the restraining order as an attempt to gain custody of the pair's two sons, who Newman was allegedly parenting completely solo throughout the pandemic. The spokesperson added, "As Kyle continues to solo parent, as he has done throughout this pandemic, he remains entirely focused on putting the children's stability and welfare first. Kyle wants nothing but the best for his whole family and hopes that Jaime can find the peace and help she needs."

People reported that the court documents filed by King definitely levied intense claims at Newman, including that he showed up at the homes of her friends, "screaming and harassing me, chased me in his car, isolated me from friends, professional contacts, and employers."

Jaime King also accused Kyle Newman of withholding their children

When she filed for divorce and a domestic violence restraining order against ex-husband Kyle Newman, Jaime King also filed for an emergency custody order and claimed that Newman was keeping the pair's young sons away from her (per People). This contradicted Newman's own claims that King has been largely absent for much of the children's lives. As People also notes, he filed a claim that included in part, "I have been the children's primary caretaker since their birth and the children have spent the large majority of 2020 in my sole custody."

Newman also claimed that King failed to show up for several alcohol tests and that the actress harbors a chronic drug addiction problem, adding that she was abusing opiates before their children were conceived and while she was pregnant with both. Per Page Six, Newman adds his assertion that King attempted to detox from the substances for 10 months before relapsing in January 2020.

Kyle Newman claims he couldn't get work because of Jaime King

In September 2020, the divorce proceedings between Jaime King and Kyle Newman grew more acrimonious. As shared by People, Newman waged a complaint that King had drained their shared bank accounts, leaving him stuck asking family members for help paying his legal fees and his attorneys. 

Newman went on to insist that he's lost on out numerous professional opportunity owing to King's reported instability; as he wrote in court documents, "I turned down jobs which required me to leave town because I was afraid something would happen to the children or to Jaime if I left. I am now a writer and stay at home author because I could not accept jobs which required me to leave town, such as shooting movies." Newman adds that he has found himself completely supported by King, and that at the time the actress had left him and their two children in the United States while she worked out of the country on the show "Black Summer." As a result, he was not able to support his children without familial assistance.

Kyle Newman requested full custody of their children in November 2020

The divorce between Jaime King and Kyle Newman took yet another dramatic turn when Newman filed for custody of their two sons in November 2020. The move stemmed from a complaint dating back to the month prior, when Newman had requested to take the children to Canada while he directed a movie. King denied the request, telling the court she planned to return back to Los Angeles to take care of the children beginning October 23. As People notes, the pair were able to work things out privately ten days before that day.

King ended up returning to their sons on October 27, and nearly immediately asked to be allowed to travel with the two boys. The request was approved, but Newman filed his new request for full custody on November 4, 2020. King's legal team replied to Newman's claims that she was not a present mother for her children with the following statement: "Once again, Kyle's lawyers have filed selectively redacted documents which perpetuate a false narrative about Jaime. Jaime's utmost priority has been the well-being of her children and she will continue to pursue this privately for their sake."

Kyle Newman and his girlfriend welcomed a baby in 2021

The divorce for Jaime King and Kyle Newman has yet to be finalized, but both parties have moved on into other relationships. On February 18, 2021, Newman's girlfriend, Cynthia Nabozny, announced on Instagram that the pair had welcomed their first son together.

A source close to King explained to E! News that while the news might have been happy for Newman and Nabozny, King didn't know that the relationship was serious or that a baby was on the way until the winter holidays in 2021. As such, she was a little ruffled. The source explained, "Jaime was not told about Kyle's relationship or the pregnancy until right before the holidays. She was very blindsided by this."

However, a friend of Newman's contradicted the claim that King had no idea the baby was on the way. As the friend also told E! News, Newman and Nabozny were happy about the arrival of their child, and, "They received kind congratulations from both Jaime and her long-term boyfriend. Jaime met Cynthia many months ago and even visited with them on Christmas Day."

Jaime King currently pays Kyle Newman spousal and child support

Until the divorce between Jaime King and Kyle Newman is finalized, the actress will be paying both child and spousal support to her ex-husband. In April 2022, E! News revealed that King was ordered to pay $429 in child support, in addition to 16% of anything she makes over $175,344. In addition to that, she is obligated to pay her ex-husband $1,000 a month in spousal support, in addition to 10% of any income she makes over $175,344.

King is also obligated to provide and pay for health insurance for both of the pair's sons. The pair each split medical expenses down the middle, along with tuition for the private schools their children attend and any after-school or extracurricular activities the kids might participate in. 

Newman's lawyer appeared to celebrate the ruling, explaining to E! News, "Faced with a complex set of facts, the Court made a discerning and thorough ruling that allows the parties to concentrate on protecting the best interest of the minor children and maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship, both of which have been and continue to be Mr. Newman's overriding priority."