The Truth About EJ's Parents On Days Of Our Lives

EJ DiMera is one of the most beloved and popular characters to ever appear on "Days of Our Lives." Fans of the NBC soap opera instantly fell in love with EJ's charm and good looks when he came to Salem as an adult in 2006 with actor James Scott in the role. (Dan Feuerriegel later took over the role). EJ's life has been anything but boring. He's had a number of exciting jobs such as a race car driver, lawyer, and CEO of DiMera Enterprises, and he was even the Mayor of Salem for a short period of time, per Soap Central.

EJ's love life has also been a hot topic among "Days of Our Lives" viewers. Of course, EJ's epic love story with fan-favorite character Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) has been one of the best on the sudser, he's also had interesting romances with the likes of Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) and Abigail Deveraux (then Kate Mansi), per Soaps.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about EJ is his complicated family tree, and his wild and eccentric parents, Stefano DiMera and Susan Banks.

EJ's first days were full of drama

The character of EJ DiMera was first introduced to "Days of Our Lives" fans in 1997 when he was born to Susan Banks (then Eileen Davidson) and Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo). EJ's first days of life were filled with drama as his mother, Susan, was pretending to be Kristen DiMera (also Davidson) in hopes of marrying John Black (Drake Hogestyn). John believed Susan to be Kristen and EJ to be his biological son. However, Susan's plan was later revealed and it was confirmed that EJ was Stefano's child (via Soaps).

EJ got his name, Elvis Aron Banks, from his wacky mother who was obsessed with the popular singer, Elvis Presley. After the drama surrounding little Elvis' birth, Susan decided to leave Salem in order to protect her baby boy. With the help of John and Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), Susan and Elvis left town and headed to England, per Soap Central. However, the drama wasn't finished between EJ and his parents.

Who is Susan Banks?

"Days of Our Lives" viewers first met Susan Banks when she was brought to Salem by Stefano DiMera. Susan was pregnant with EJ at the time and had a striking resemblance to Stefano's adopted daughter, Kristen (via Soaps in Depth). Stefano convinced Susan to give her baby to Kristen so that she could pass the little boy off as her own child with John in exchange for a large sum of money. Susan even agreed to wear a wig and false teeth in order to impersonate Kristen when needed. However, Marlena began to grow suspicious of Kristen, who later locked Marlena up in a secret room under the DiMera mansion.

After the child was born, Susan regretted her decision and told Kristen she wanted the baby back. Susan's delusions began to get the best of her and she began to see John as her husband. She eventually snapped and locked Kristen in the secret room with Marlena and began to impersonate Kristen on a daily basis so that she could build a family with John and EJ. After Susan and Kristen's plans were foiled, Susan moved in with a newly reunited John and Marlena. When questioned about who EJ's biological father was, Susan was adamant that Elvis was the child's father. However, Susan later recalled that Stefano was the man who fathered her child (via Soap Central).

After moving to London with EJ, Susan met Edmund P. Crumb. The two fell in love and got married.

Who is Stefano DiMera?

"Days of Our Lives" fans could never forget EJ's devilish father, Stefano DiMera. The character came to Salem in 1982 and spent decades terrorizing many Salem citizens, especially the Brady family (via Soap Central). Over the years, Stefano was involved in countless schemes, criminal activities, and even murder plots. He was responsible for many "DOOL" characters' problems and demises and often went to great lengths to obtain what he wanted for himself and his children. Sadly, he used and manipulated his children to do his bidding, and EJ was one of his most beloved sons.

Although Stefano was the father to Andre, Tony, Lexie, Benjy, Peter, Kristen, Meghan, and Chad, he always seemed to have a soft spot for EJ. When EJ grew into adulthood, his relationship with Stefano took off, and he and his father schemed on many plans, as EJ agreed to help Stefano carry out his revenge plan against the Brady family, per Soaps in Depth.

EJ came to Salem with orders from his father

"Days of Our Lives" fans watched Susan and Stefano's son return to Salem in 2006 with a brand new name. Going by the alias EJ Wells, the character moved into an apartment across the hall from Sami Brady in hopes of getting into her good graces and striking up a romance. Stefano had sent EJ to Salem with the mission of having a child with Sami so that he could use the stem cells from the child to cure himself of his health issues (via Soaps in Depth).

However, Sami was in love with Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) at the time. When Lucas was suffering from an emergency during a winter storm, EJ agreed to help save his life if Sami would sleep with him, per Soap Central. She agreed and Sami later found out that she was pregnant with twins. However, after paternity testing, it was revealed that Sami's son, Johnny, was fathered by EJ and her daughter, Allie, was Lucas' biological child. Following the birth of the twins, Stefano told Sami that he would end his vendetta against the Brady family if she agreed to marry EJ (via Soap Central). Over the years, Sami eventually fell in love with EJ and they even welcomed another child, daughter Sydney. However, EJ's relationship with Stefano wasn't always easy.

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Where are EJ, Stefano, and Susan now?

"Days of Our Lives" viewers watched EJ change a bit over the years, as loving women like Nicole and Sami, as well as his children, brought out a softer side in him. However, Stefano never seemed to change and after one too many schemes, EJ cut ties with his devious dad. The father and son later reconciled (via Soaps in Depth). When EJ was presumed to be dead from a gunshot wound, Stefano took things into his own hands (via Soap Central). However, Stefano died before ever getting to reunite with his son.

EJ was later found alive thanks to the work of Dr. Rolf, his father's most trusted henchmen, per Soap Opera Digest. EJ required medical attention, and Sami along with his mother Susan were by his side. Susan has popped up in Salem from time to time over the years, as she's become important to not only EJ and his children, but also other characters such as John Black, Marlena Evans, Ben Weston, and Ciara Brady (via Soaps in Depth). Although EJ's father, Stefano, is dead and gone, his relationship with Susan appears to be thriving after a lifetime of drama.