James Corden Reveals What Prince Harry Is Really Like When The Cameras Aren't Rolling

Prince Harry is probably as close to a regular person as any royal prince could be. Down-to-earth and sentimental, he seems to enjoy being a husband and a father more than anything. Soon after his wife Meghan Markle gave birth to their daughter, Lilibet Diana — who joined big brother Archie in the family — Harry shared his true feelings about being a father of two. Though a challenge, the Duke of Sussex finds being a father to two children rewarding.

At London's WellChild Awards, a charity that allows ill children to receive medical treatment at home, Harry stated, "Now as a father of two, I feel all the more connected, inspired, and in awe of the resilience of these families, who power through indescribable challenges," (via Marie Claire). He also said that while "two is definitely a juggle," Lilibet was a calm baby. "We've been lucky so far, she's very chilled and seems happy to just sit there while Archie is running around like crazy."

From Prince Harry's approach to discussing important issues with his kids (which had fans talking) to the way he believes his mom has been helping him in a major way, it's clear that family, and helping others, are very much at the forefront for the Duke of Sussex.

Though public statements are carefully tailored, it's often what others have to say about people that reveal the truth about them. In Harry's case, James Corden is painting quite the positive picture.

James Corden has very high regard for Prince Harry

Some wondered whether Prince Harry really wanted to appear on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" back in 2021. Yet, it appeared as though the Duke enjoyed himself, as he happily played along with Corden's escapades. The duo hopped aboard a sightseeing tour bus and had tea, (that spilled all over), visited the original "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" house, and engaged in a military-based obstacle course. Harry even belted out the opening verse to the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song. You probably can't get more relatable than that, yet what Corden recently had to say about Harry's character sums the Duke of Sussex up best.

"I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Harry, and anyone who has been around him and spent time with him would feel exactly the same way, " Corden told The Sun. He went on to say of Harry and Meghan's decision to step down from royal duties, "I think he is a devoted and loving husband and father and I think what they have done [in turning away from royal life] is incredibly brave and I'll always be in their corner." Corden concluded his thoughts by saying, "I have nothing but admiration and respect for them."