Christine Quinn Says Chrishell Stause's Relationship With Their Boss Was Purely 'Opportunistic'

Love her or hate her, you can't deny that Christine Quinn delivers drama effortlessly to each and every episode of "Selling Sunset." Whether she's making witty, shady remarks herself or irritating her coworkers from a distance, the self-proclaimed villain always finds a way to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Always unapologetically herself, Quinn waltzes into The Oppenheim Group in Chanel's finest and delivers some of the show's most shocking one-liners, per Netflix.

While her castmates may disagree, fans consider the real estate agent to be a vital component of the show. When news began swirling that Quinn had quit The Oppenheim Group, fans were concerned that it meant the end of her time on the show, per Us Weekly. Thankfully, she confirmed to Us Weekly that she would be returning for Season 6 of "Selling Sunset," and it's just a matter of figuring out how she would fit in. Embarking on opening up her own real estate business with husband Christian Horner, Quinn teased, "Maybe it's a battle of the brokerages."

One thing fans can always rely on Quinn for is her commitment to continuing to stir the pot off camera. And when it was announced that she would be joining Alex Cooper's infamously candid "Call Her Daddy" podcast for an episode, they knew Quinn would come for her castmates — especially Chrishell Stause.

Christine Quinn believes Jason had true feelings for Chrishell

Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause have been feuding ever since the very first season of "Selling Sunset." What began as a back and forth sparring battle has now resulted in a full-on hatred for one another, with Chrishell even threatening legal action at one point, per E! News. Viewers gave up on Quinn and Stause ever making up a long time ago as too much has been said and done, per Elle. Their most recent clash revolved around Quinn implying that the only reason Stause was getting listings was that she was involved with boss Jason Oppenheim, per the Daily Mail.

Well, it looks like Quinn wasn't planning on stopping there. When she joined Alex Cooper on her podcast "Call Her Daddy" she addressed the relationship again. Cooper shared that her boyfriend, a TV producer, noted while watching the show that Chrishell and Oppenheim's relationship seemed forced and even commented, "That girl is disgusted, she can barely kiss him and immediately pulls away. It's really bad." 

Quinn pulled no punches when she agreed that there was zero chemistry between Chrishell and Oppenheim before bluntly adding, "I think it was opportunistic, you know, it was a great storyline." Quinn backed up her friend and ex-boss though, saying, " I think that Jason did have genuine feelings for her, do I think she had genuine feelings for him? No. But I have seen Jason and I saw a different side of him. I really, really did."