Richard Gere's Recently Sold Mansion Will Leave You Breathless

Richard Gere has just sold his stunning property outside of New York City, and if you ask us, it's definitely worth the price. The actor is best known for his roles in cinematic classics like "Pretty Woman," Primal Fear," and "Chicago," (per IMDb), and he's pulled in a reported $28 million from the sale of this gorgeous estate. He bought the nearly 50 acres of land for $1.5 million back in 1986. Since then, Gere has spent time making additions that resulted in the beautiful piece of architecture that it is today (via Realtor).

In 2021, Gere moved into a new $9.8 million home in North Salem, New York, with his wife and kids — you might remember when Gere was expecting his third child at the age of 70. The new property is a bit of a downsize from his previous home, but it's still attached to 35 acres of land with 9,000 square feet of living space, according to the Daily Mail. The impressive red-bricked home features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, plus it has a spacious swimming pool surrounded by canopied trees. Sounds like an absolute dream! There's no doubt that Gere and his family will be happy in their new home, however, we're sure he's probably sad to leave the massive mansion behind, especially since he's lived there for so many years.

Take a walk outside Gere's former New York estate

There is so much exquisite beauty in the home that previously belonged to actor and Tibetan Freedom activist Richard Gere — who happens to share a close friendship with former costar Julia Roberts. When you look around the almost 50 acres of property located in Pound Ridge, New York, you can see why Gere held onto the home over the last few decades. The land is situated among sprawling treelines and encompassed by over "4,300 acres of protected land," offering unparalleled privacy (per Zillow). The land resembles a New England countryside with mature trees covering horseback riding trails, with a hidden soccer pitch among the lush greenery. Quite frankly, it sounds like something that belongs on one of Gere's movie sets!

A winding stone drive whisks you up to the front of the Colonial-style home. It also features a two-car attached garage, and there are multiple balcony areas around the back of the home that overlook the gorgeous greenery. Rugged stone steps lead you past a wooden gate where a private sandy beach awaits you. There's also a covered dock area where Gere could have possibly entertained guests, along with "an island-inspired teahouse," according to Realtor. As if that doesn't sound dreamy enough, this property is essentially a wanderer's paradise with hidden paths that take you around a mature growth forest. In the fall, you'll get the full spectrum of colors when all the trees change from green to bright oranges, yellows, and reds.

Inside the actor's sprawling former mansion

The inside of Richard Gere's massive 11,658 square foot home is full of natural elements that perfectly complement the home's exquisite surroundings, according to Zillow. The living room is lined with wooden coffee-colored floors that guide you through the whole house. Richly detailed braces accent the ceiling and bring your focus to the stone-made fireplace that adds an element of coziness to the room. Just picture yourself curled up by the fireplace with a cup of coffee and a good book every morning — trust us, you'll feel like you're in paradise. 

Further delicate details, like built-in bookcases framed with crystal clear glass, polished natural wood doors, and paneled walls balance the cohesive nature found throughout the home. You may need to spend time researching easy ways to style your coffee table in the new space, but otherwise, this house has all the details you've dreamed about. Among the eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms — plus the multiple living and relaxation areas — you'll find unparalleled luxury. 

Huge windows allow for all of the natural light to illuminate creamy-colored walls and furniture. Each of the home's three stories has tall ceilings with country-style doors in an array of designs. Plus, there are actually nine different fireplaces in the home, so almost every inch of the living spaces can keep you warm during those chilly fall and winter months. All you'd need to do in the middle of a blustering snowstorm is press play on "Nights in Rodanthe," grab a snack, and settle in for the evening.

Multiple living spaces for people and animals alike

Richard Gere's former northern New York State mansion features multiple areas to entertain guests of both the human and Equus variety. A covered four-season room features a stone-laid floor and ground-to-ceiling glass walls which create a spanning view of the surrounding trees. We'd like to imagine Gere and his friends enjoying a comfortable conversation in this beautiful space. A warm wooden room is dedicated to music as vintage instruments line the walls. It should be easy to find inspiration in an artist's studio with red flooring that has wide doors opening up to the vast grounds outside, per Zillow

Multiple balconies are easily accessible from bedrooms and living rooms, each with its own gorgeous view. You'll want to take full advantage of this feature by making time to sit on the balcony to enjoy casual meals during the summertime. If you're a lover of horses and need a place to board your majestic friends, there's also a fully enclosed = stable with over six pristine stalls to keep these gentle beasts safe. The huge stable doors open up to a natural rock-lined paddock that offers plenty of room for the horses to graze and run freely. 

We're sure Gere will miss the expanse of natural beauty that surrounded his former Pound Ridge, New York place. He has spent the last few decades perfecting a marvelous home that hopefully, its new inhabitants will enjoy for decades to come.