Everything You Need To Know About RHOBH Newcomer Diana Jenkins

Introducing a new housewife to any of the "Real Housewives" shows is always a gamble, as it can go a number of ways. They could end up as a new star addition that sticks around for long enough to become considered an OG, or they could fail to leave a lasting impression and get axed mid-season. They could even end up as what Slice deems a "one-season wonder" and have fans begging for their return long after they're gone.

The options are endless, and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" has seen just about every type come and go. The show definitely has a case of revolving-doors-syndrome with new housewives getting introduced almost every season, but the second die-hard "RHOBH" fans watched the Season 12 trailer and gasped at Sanela Diana Jenkins' quick retort, "You need a new villain? Here I am," they knew she was destined to be a huge hit, per Bravo TV.

The ladies of "RHOBH" have a lot of sordid history to unpack this season, as numerous unanswered questions and tensions remained in the air from Season 11. It's arguably a tricky time to join the gang, but Diana made it clear in her debut episode on May 18, 2022, that she belongs here. But who exactly is the woman that felt confident enough to pipe up in the middle of a heated argument and get the ladies to simmer down on her very first day on the job (via Vulture)? Here's everything you need to know. 

Diana Jenkins is worth $300 million

Lisa Rinna put it best when she first introduced the newbie: "You've never met anyone quite like Diana" (via Vulture). Sanela Diana Jenkins, who goes by Diana, has possibly the most interesting backstory out of anyone on the show. One of the first things OG Kyle Richards noticed about her was her multiple Cartier rings, which certainly makes sense considering she has the highest net worth out of all of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with a whopping $300 million to her name, according to Celebrity Net Worth

Diana's riches come from a number of avenues. The Bosnian ex-pat is the founder and CEO of lifestyle drink company Neuro. "I did everything myself: the concept, the design, the brand, the packaging, and then I got scientists to come up with the formula," she proudly shared with The Guardian. Diana also runs an entertainment company and a swimwear brand, but despite all of the above, Daily Mail claims most people credit her net worth to her divorce settlement. 

After 10 years of marriage and two children, Diana divorced ex-husband Roger Jenkins in what seemed like a surprisingly amicable divorce, per Daily Mail. The London-based banking executive only had good things to say about Diana after their divorce, as he claimed, "I love Diana and have such admiration for her as a mother, businesswoman and someone who was brilliant as a wife." He didn't leave her with well wishes alone — he also left her with $195 million. However, Diana wasn't always living in the lap of luxury.

From refugee to riches

Diana Jenkins revealed on her debut episode that she actually came from humble beginnings. "I went from war, extreme poverty, to an extreme wealth," she shared, as she explained that she migrated to London from Sarajevo at 19 years old and did whatever she had to do to make money, per Bravo. "Once I got to London, I didn't have any money, I didn't have a passport, nothing. I would do different jobs in restaurants, washing dishes, cleaning toilets. Doing anything to get anything," The Neuro founder explained. It wasn't until she met and married Roger Jenkins that her life went from 0 to 100. 

Now, Diana dedicates her life to giving back to countless Bosnian institutions in an attempt to help those in the position she once was in, per Page Six. Diana is extremely philanthropic, as she's launched a number of charity programs herself — she even founded the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization alongside actor Sean Penn. 

More relevant to "RHOBH," Diana has also been honored by the Elton John AIDS Foundation and was a sponsor of the foundation's noteworthy event that stirred up much drama between Sutton Stracke and Lisa Rinna, per Daily Mail

Diana Jenkins welcomed a daughter at 47 years old

Diana Jenkins' plate is completely full. When she isn't supporting charities or running her businesses, the "RHOBH" newbie has a lot going on in her personal life. After her divorce, Diana met Asher Monroe, who was 16 years her junior, but the age difference isn't what shocked people — rather, it's the fact that the couple recently welcomed a daughter together when Diana was 47 years old, per Distractify

According to Women's Health Magazine, Diana supported Monroe's acting, dancing, and music career with her entertainment company D Empire Entertainment. Monroe gushed about his fiancée to Pop Hearts, saying, "Being a role model, war survivor, philanthropist, mother, entrepreneur, and so much more — it's hard to scratch the surface of the impact she has had on me forever." After 12 years together, the stable engaged couple seems happier than ever — at least according to their Instagram posts

On Crystal Minkoff's Instagram, she called her new cast-mate and old friend "a firecracker," and viewers couldn't agree more (via Bravo). With an impressive social circle that includes Sir Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris, Diana is even good friends with Kim Kardashian, who she was with the day before Kardashian's Paris robbery, per Daily Mail. With such a deeply interesting backstory and fascinating current life, the stunning Bosnian is undeniably a unique addition to the show that is guaranteed to keep fans entertained. As executive producer Andy Cohen told Bravo, Diana is a "fantastic addition to the show."