How The May 30 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Pisces

As the sun begins to shine a little brighter and the temperature gets a little higher, it's clear that summer is right around the corner. It's closer than you think, with the May 30 new moon marking the final new moon of spring. New moons have always spiritually been about new beginnings and embracing new chapters. This new moon is the perfect time to embrace the seasons changing around you, as well as in your own life. 

Intuitive astrologer Noush Joon explained to MindBodyGreen how new moons represent setting intentions and foundations for how you want the upcoming moon cycle to look. "This particular new moon brings a beautiful wave of fresh energy and perspective as it closes the eclipse portal and opens a new space for us to think and move differently, particularly after what we may have experienced during the eclipses," Joon shared.

Landing in Gemini (May 21-June 20) and crossing over with Mercury retrograde, this new moon is fully charged with the energy of new ideas and thoughts as it urges you to harness Gemini's self-reflection and critical thinking abilities. Psychic astrologer Leslie Hale shared with Refinery29, "Information and ideas will flow on a Gemini moon, so this will be a great time to take new approaches to old problems." But understanding exactly what area of your life will benefit the most from this new moon's energy always comes down to how it affects your zodiac sign. So let's take a look at Pisces.

Hear people out before running with assumptions

Mercury being retrograde may have hit you pretty hard, Pisces (February 19-March 20). You've been dealing with a lot of jumbled-up emotions and ideas that have made it impossible to gain the clarity you need to make big decisions. The May 30 new moon comes at the perfect time to set you up in time for when mercury turns direct on June 3 and the dust all settles. 

The new moon lands in your fourth house of home and family, which serves as a double-edged sword, per InStyle. Let's get the hard work out of the way first. According to Elite Daily, this is an especially intense new moon for Pisces, as it calls you to direct your typical inquisitive energy inwards and ask those uncomfortable but important questions at home. 

You are the company you keep, and it's time to clean house and express your concerns when it comes to those closest to you, instead of letting them drain you, per Cosmopolitan. Your scattered thoughts and emotions have left you confused and passing judgment on your close friends or family, but this new moon is the time to confront those assumptions you've placed on people and express them directly, per Woman & Home. People may surprise you, and you could end up healing these strained relationships by finally seeing their side of things — there's only one way to find out and that's by having meaningful, open-minded conversations. 

Home is where the heart is

Don't worry, this new moon isn't all hard conversations and deep thought for you, Pisces. With the new moon in your fourth house of home and family, it's also a time to kick back and relax. Mercury retrograde has hit you pretty badly, but you're almost in the clear so use this time to try to find some peace and relaxation with some much-needed home time, per Bustle

Spring is coming to an end after all, so this is your last chance to get some spring cleaning done. Cleaning up your space is an amazing activity to engage in under a new moon. Spiritually, cleaning up your space is seen as clearing the space in your life for a brand new chapter to come, and that might come in handy for you Pisces, per Stylecaster

According to InStyle, this May 30 new moon could be ushering in a new chapter in your home life. If you've been looking into making a big move, this is the perfect time to put pen to paper and do something about it. Sign that lease, or make those solid plans to finally move. The new moon is here to provide all the energy needed to bless whatever new beginning you choose to embark upon.