Is Rae From The Ultimatum In A Relationship?

Netflix's "The Ultimatum" was a wild ride. When six couples come together to date each other before finding out if they want to stay with their original partner, things can get a bit messy. But, believe it or not, the cast members' lives off-screen are just as entertaining. In Rae Williams' case, her life might even be more entertaining now than it was on-screen. People fell in love with her and Jake during their time on show, but a lot has changed for the woman since the show ended. 

The interesting thing about reality shows is that the cast's journey doesn't just stop because the camera stop filming. Not only were people obsessed over Rae's love life on the show, but they've been dying to hear what's happened since then. Whoever thought that they would get things wrapped up during the Netflix reunion was sadly mistaken. It turns out that the episode left fans wondering even more about Rae's love life.

While she's currently taking a more personal approach to dating, that doesn't mean she's completely done taking fans along for the ride. Here's what the 23-year-old has been up to since the show ended.

Rae is taking time to explore her sexuality

The reunion of Netflix's "The Ultimatum" was filled with a whole lot of bombshell moments. Colby and Madlyn announced that they were pregnant with a baby girl, Shanique and Randall came clean about breaking off their engagement, and Rae Williams announced that she is exploring her sexuality. The "Ultimatum" star, who ended up walking away with Jake Cunningham, someone else's boyfriend, on the show, shocked fans when she announced that she wasn't date Jake after the show. In fact, she wasn't dating a guy at all.

Rae announced on "The Ultimatum" reunion show that she is bisexual. "I have been with one person, she's amazing," the 24-year-old said on the show. "I had a really good connection with her but we kept it casual and I'm kind of figuring out myself and my sexuality, because I was very uncomfortable with being bi for a very long time." While Rae didn't owe anyone watching the reunion an explanation of her love life, it was nice to see her open up confidently about her sexuality.

At the moment, Rae is 'single and in therapy'

When you've seen someone date two different people and then talk about a third on your television screen, it can be hard to remember that you don't actually know them. So, naturally, when Rae Williams put a question box on her Instagram story, people wanted to know about her love life.

In fact, people didn't even ask — they told. "Show us your girl!" the comment said. "The girl I got with after the show is very private and we have kinda taken a step back the past few months with everything going on and the show coming out but we are still very close and hope to revisit things after the summer," Rae replied in the Instagram story, according to Today. "I'm single and in therapy."

After being on a very public reality television show, "single and in therapy" really doesn't seem like a bad title to sport. 

Both Jake and Zay knew that Rae has dated women

Rae Williams dropping the bombshell on "The Ultimatum" reunion might have taken fans by surprise, but it turns out that it wasn't as shocking to others. She might be figuring out her sexuality off-screen, but apparently both her on-screen ex-boyfriends knew that she was bisexual.

"Zay knew because I dated a girl before him," Rae said on Instagram, according to E! News. "I also told Jake before we made the choice. Both Zay and Jake are not homophobic or bigoted and that was very important to me." Obviously there was a whole lot that fans didn't see from behind-the-scenes. It's nice to hear that the reality star was staying true to herself through the whole process. 

The Ultimatum star is still friends with Jake Cunningham

If you're wondering if Rae is still dating Jake Cunningham from her time on "The Ultimatum," the answer is a no — for now. Rae and Jake were a clear fan favorite couple on social media, which could have something to do with them having the most chemistry on-screen. While the two did end the show by walking away together and promising to go on a trip together, that apparently never happened and neither did their relationship (via Today).

That doesn't mean that there's no possibility of them dating in the future though. "Jake and I are cool," Rae told E! News. She say that they agreed that both of them needed more time to heal. That being said, she also told the publication that women should stay out of his Instagram DMs, so who knows what will happen in the future. 

Rae is keeping a more private approach to dating

While Rae Williams did get super personal on the show about her personality, she's not keeping her love life public anymore. She might have given a few interviews about her love life right after the show, but she's kept her social media pretty private after the fact. At the time of publication, Rae keeps her Instagram captions almost exclusively to emojis and fashion credits of the outfits that she wears. She's also stopped doing Instagram story questions boxes.

Let's be honest, after putting not just one but two relationships out there for everyone to watch on Netflix, it makes complete sense that Rae would keep things private for a while. While it is interesting to keep up with reality television stars off-screen, it's nice to see Rae taking the time she needs for herself, especially after the whirlwind that was "The Ultimatum."