What You Don't Know About Harry Styles

Harry Styles is best known as one of the former members of boy band sensation, One Direction. Yet, the singer and songwriter has gone on to build an enormously successful solo music and film career. In fact, after making his theatrical debut in 2017's "Dunkirk," Styles will be seen in 2022's "Don't Worry Darling" alongside Florence Pugh and his girlfriend, actress and director Olivia Wilde, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It might be tempting to think that someone as famous as Styles would have a difficult time keeping secrets, but there are several things about the singer that haven't been widely publicized. For instance, he has a penchant for collecting expensive cars, having once spent approximately £100,000 (approximately $120,000) each on two Porches — one for himself and the other for his dad — years ago, Business Standard writes.

Here is a peek at a few things you might not know about Styles. 

Harry Styles was the first man to appear solo on the cover of Vogue

In November 2020, Harry Styles made fashion journalism history when he appeared on the cover of Vogue alone, becoming the first man to do so. True to form, Styles was photographed wearing a ball gown for the issue, telling the magazine that he enjoys subverting gender and biological sex-based fashion forms. He explained that while growing up he found inspiration in late artists such as Prince, David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury ⁠— all male-identifying but flamboyant and bold with their fashion choices. "When you take away 'There's clothes for men and there's clothes for women,' once you remove any barriers, obviously you open up the arena in which you can play," Styles said. 

As Styles put it, he feels like the clothes we wear can even give people superpowers. In the interview, he said, "I think if you get something that you feel amazing in, it's like a superhero outfit. Clothes are there to have fun with and experiment with and play with. What's really exciting is that all of these lines are just kind of crumbling away." 

He writes songs for other artists

While he is known for the songs that he both writes and sings, Harry Styles doesn't limit his skills to his own work. In fact, the artist has penned quite a few songs for other singers, including Ariana Grande. In 2014, Grande spoke to MTV about how Styles ended up writing one of her songs, and what it was like to hear it for the first time.

Grande said that Styles happened to be in the studio at the same time she was, and producers Savan Kotecha and Johan Carlsson asked if he would be interested in contributing a song to her session. He agreed and wrote "A Little Bit of Your Heart," which appears on Grande's second album, "My Everything." In the MTV interview, she admitted to being really moved by the song, explaining, "He went into the other room and they were writing for a while and I remember when I heard it I was like 'Wow that's a really strong verse, that's really beautiful' and then the pre, I was like 'wow that's a really beautiful pre, that's a really strong pre!' and then the chorus I was like crying!" 

According to Capital UK, Styles also wrote the song "Changes" for country singer Cam.

Shania Twain is one of his biggest inspirations

Although Harry Styles certainly sings his own kind of pop music, he draws musical inspiration from a variety of artists and performers. In fact, one of his favorite muses is none other than country music legend Shania Twain. While attending the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, China, Styles revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" singer has always been important to him. "I think both music and fashion, [my] main influence was probably Shania Twain. Yeah, I think she's amazing."

The affection has since been reciprocated by Twain, who performed alongside Styles at Coachella in April 2022. The pair had a lot of fun banter during their set, as Styles admitted that Twain taught him "men are trash" and Twain said that she was a little overwhelmed by performing with him. As Variety noted, Twain said to him, "I realize that when I was writing this song, you were just a little kid. It's kind of a dream and very surreal to be sitting here right now to sing this song with you."

Harry Styles has a few phobias

Harry Styles is known for having a lot of tattoos, so it probably comes as a surprise that he actually has a huge phobia of needles. While still a member of One Direction, Styles revealed to Teen Vogue in 2013 that he uses a special method when getting a new tattoo. "I am afraid of needles. I look away. I think it hurts more when you watch for some reason."

As it turns out, that's not Styles' only phobia. In 2014, he took to Twitter, sharing two other fears, which are ultimately pretty common. He tweeted, "Scared of the dark and the dentist." On top of that, Styles once revealed to Vervegirl that he has at least one more big phobia: snakes. According to J-14, he told the Australian magazine, "I think if it came down to it I'm probably a little afraid of snakes. I have a feeling if a snake was in front of me I just wouldn't be a fan." 

The artist has four nipples

For years there was persistent gossip circulating online that Harry Styles has four nipples, and in 2017, the artist confirmed the rumor was true. The medical term for the condition is supernumerary nipples, Elle reported. The magazine also touched on Styles' interview with Chelsea Handler where he appeared happy to admit that he does indeed have bonus nipples. He then took it upon himself to show Handler where the nipples are. 

The extra nipples don't seem to bother Styles in the least. While speaking on BBC Radio 1 to host Nick Grimshaw in April 2017, the "Watermelon Sugar" singer explained that he believes his worst dating traits are snoring and that he's not known to be spontaneous, both of which could be a drag for some. As for the best? In the Handler interview Styles said, "Best trait, I don't really know. It's weird to pick a best trait. Shall we go with the nipples thing?"

Harry Styles was in a band called White Eskimo

While Harry Styles did become famous as a member of One Direction, the group wasn't his first foray into music. Before he appeared on "X-Factor" with the British boy band, Styles was a member of the group, White Eskimo. However, he doesn't seem particularly enamored with his time in the punk-influenced high school band, having admitted to Rolling Stone that the lyrics to one of their songs makes him feel ill now. He added, "[W]e wrote a couple of songs. One was called 'Gone in a Week' and was about luggage."

Styles ended up leaving the group, which replaced him as lead singer with his former friend, Will Sweeny. In 2015, Sweeny told Manchester Evening News that the band was still focused on making music. "It just happens to be that a member of One Direction was in the band. We are doing this for the love of it and this is the perfect time for us to be doing this now. We are ready to release our music," Sweeny said. 

The Watermelon Sugar singer had other career plans

It might be difficult to imagine Harry Styles as anything but, well, Harry Styles. As it turns out, if Styles didn't get his big break in show business, he may have lived a life more mundane — far from the talented artist the world knows him to be today. However, during an interview on SiriusXM, Styles revealed that if he wasn't singing, it's possible he might have become a physical therapist. He continued, saying that he might have had "a little flower shop or coffee bar in the back" of his shop.

Styles has also previously mentioned that he might have once become a teacher, taking a moment to tell the crowd at a show exactly that one night. According to the broadcast company, Styles said, "I've always wanted to be a teacher" before proceeding to give fans a few pointers and instructions, ostensibly to showcase his teaching potential. For their part, his fans thoroughly enjoyed the experience and exploded into laughter.

Harry Styles might have been fined for being naked in Sweden

In April 2012, Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates revealed to Daily Mirror that a few of them had allegedly encountered interesting legal trouble while touring Europe. Louis Tomlinson told the publication that Styles' preference for being naked most of the time supposedly got him in a bit of hot water when he attempted to roam Sweden in the nude. "He got a hefty fine in Sweden for walking around butt naked," Tomlinson claimed. However, it's unclear whether Styles actually received a fine or not, but his bandmate was certainly willing to say that he did.

Styles also chimed in, admitting to the British tabloid that Sweden wasn't the only country that took issue with his preference to run around without proper attire. He said he also ran into issues in another European country. "And then in Amsterdam, we hired these little boats and I got told to get out by the owners because I didn't have any clothes on," Styles said. 

Clearly, Styles had a pretty lively sense of humor as a teenager — something that has likely been part of the reason why he has appealed to fans for so long.

Harry Styles likes to spend money on cars

For over a decade, Harry Styles has garnered a highly successful career. One of the ways he's spent part of his fortune is by treating himself — and relatives — to expensive cars. In 2013, the Business Standard reported that Styles spent an impressive approximately £100,000 (approximately $120,000) on a red Porsche Caymen S to celebrate his 19th birthday. The outlet said the car joined his impressive stock, which includes an Audi R8 and a Range Rover Sport. In addition, Styles bought a second Porsche and gave it to his dad.

The publication also quoted a source who told the Daily Star that Styles made a point of buying the car near to where his father lives. The source explained, "Harry is besotted by cars and loves the Porsche brand after test driving a few. He has bought a 100,000 pound Carrera from a car dealer near his dad's home in Sale, Manchester."

He has at least 50 tattoos

Many fans of Harry Styles know that the singer has tons of tattoos — in fact, it's believed that he has at least 50, according to a Refinery29 article in February 2019. His collection of tattoos is diverse; it includes the names of people he loves (including his sister, Gemma), symbols such as hearts, and logos of football teams, like the Green Bay Packers.

During an appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" in 2015, Styles shared that he might not have made the best decisions when getting some of his tattoos. He even admitted to trying to tattoo himself, saying, "I've got a couple stupid ones. I don't know if I regret them so much. I mean, I wrote 'big' on my big toe." 

The interview then proved to be an opportunity for Styles to add to his collection of tattoos. After losing a game to what Corden referred to as "tattoo roulette," Styles was tasked with inking the words "Late Late" on his body. He agreed, choosing to add the phrase to his left arm, according to Men's Health.

Harry Styles made his acting debut in Dunkirk

While you might be used to seeing Harry Styles performing on stage or singing in a music video, the star has another serious skill: He can act. He made his film debut in 2017 when he joined the cast of "Dunkirk," earning positive reviews for his performance. As NPR's film critic Chris Klimek wrote at the time, Styles was able to blend right into the cast, which was no small feat. "I mean it as praise when I say he doesn't stand out in the part except for being a little handsomer than anyone else," Klimek said.

Styles told The Big Issue that filming the movie was a singular experience, sharing that he didn't know what it would be like until he arrived. "It's hard to know what to expect walking into an environment like that — and it was amazing," he said. He also added that the sheer process of production was more than he anticipated. "You walk onset the first day and get taken aback by everything."

He enjoys cold water swimming

While being interviewed by Better Homes & Gardens in April 2022, Harry Styles revealed one hobby that not everyone might be eager to join in on: He's a big fan of swimming in cold water. As he told the publication, there is, in fact, a community of people who enjoy the activity right along with him. Styles explained that the community supports one another's habit, which for him is a daily act. "I feel like people who have discovered cold water swimming are just so happy for you that you've also found it," he said.

After completing two laps with the magazine's writer Lou Stoppard, Styles emerged from the water happy and enthusiastic. As he put it, "That's the thing with a swim," he said. "It's the one thing you never regret." Stoppard goes on to note that one of the benefits of swimming is being able to focus on what you're doing in that given moment, which appears to also be what Styles finds appealing.