What Is Gianna Martello From Dance Moms Doing Now?

The show "Dance Moms" might have come to an end, but that doesn't people are any less obsessed with the girls' lives today than they were then. The girls are now adults, Abby Lee has been in and out of prison, and the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) is still going strong. In fact, some of the assistants on the show then are still there now. Gianna Martello, who was seen on the show when the ALDC was still in Pittsburg, made the big leap to Los Angeles with Miller. If you're wondering what she's up to now, let's just say that she's definitely thriving. 


There are stars from the show "Dance Moms" and then there is Martello. While she wasn't on-screen too often, she was an integral part of the team. As Abby Lee Miller's assistant, she polished the girls' routines, traveled with them to competitions, and often wiped away their tears. The girls loved her and Abby relied on her during all of the show's eight seasons. The viewers perked up when the fresh face was on screen as well. 

What's she up to now, you ask? Gear up for the answer, because this girl is extremely busy.

Gianna is still a dance teacher and choreographer

You likely won't be surprised to hear that Gianna Martello is still a dance teacher and choreographer today. The now 33-year-old spent many years alongside Abby Lee Miller at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburg. She then made the long trek to Los Angeles in 2015 when Miller opened a second branch of her dance studio in California.


According to her Instagram, Martello is still working at the ALDC in LA, and seems to be loving every second of it. The most amazing part is that she is still actually in the classroom with the girls. After spending time on television as well as making a name for herself, it's nice to see that she still finds joy in the job she had when she began. 

Martello even teaches worldwide classes, if you can believe it. While she's in-person at the ALDC and numerous different dance competitions throughout the year, her Instagram says that she teaches worldwide virtual classes as well. This woman truly loves the world dance.

Abby Lee claims her as her greatest 'legacy'

Those of you that watched the show would without a doubt say that Maddie Ziegler is Abby Lee Miller's favorite student of all time. It turns out that she's actually only Miller's second favorite. Although she never got a spot on the pyramid herself, Gianna Martello is actually Miller's favorite student. In fact, it goes even deeper than that.


According to Us Weekly, Miller has said that Martello is her greatest "legacy," which is pretty huge coming from Miller. Anyone who watched the show knows just how picky the 57-year-old is when it comes to dishing out compliments, so that's a big statement.

Martello has also been on Miller's YouTube channel with her, giving behind-the-scenes commentary on the "Dance Moms" episodes. The pair of teachers share that Martello was actually only in the studio once a week and during competition weekends during the start of "Dance Moms" because she was in college at the time. Now, the 33-year-old is a full-time instructor and choreographer for the ALDC.

Gianna is still close to some of the show's cast

When you've been with a group of people since they were toddlers, the bond is strong. To no surprise, Gianna Martello is quite close with the cast of "Dance Moms" even to this day. There seems to be one member of the Abby Lee Dance Company Crew that she is especially close with though — Jojo Siwa.


According to her Instagram, Martello went to go watch Jojo Siwa when she was on "Dancing With The Stars" and even attended one of her birthdays. "I've seen JoJo do quite a few dances in her lifetime ... But tonight was different," Martello said in an Instagram post. "The passion, commitment, and brilliance she poured onto the stage was pure magic. I am so proud of you tonight and every night."

Not many other girls grace the choreographer's Instagram page, but she has always talked highly of the other girls (via Dance Dish Media). Of course, the friendship between Siwa and Martello could easily be because the two are in Los Angeles together. 

The teacher apparently loves to travel

When she's not dancing, Gianna Martello is traveling. One look at her Instagram page, and you will be blown away by the places that this woman goes. From Dubai and Asia to New York and all around California, this girl sure does get around. 


According to Abby Lee Miller's Instagram, the two often take trips together as well. It's unclear if the worldwide trips are for business of pleasure, but they sure do enjoy their time together. How the dance instructor finds time to travel the world, teach in-person and virtual classes, and make it to dance competitions on the weekends is beyond our comprehension. 

I guess that's why she's called the "unsung hero" of the show by Women's Day. The publication points out how she was right next to Abby Lee Miller throughout her cancer journey and even would've inherited the studio if anything happened to Miller. That's true commitment to her craft.

It doesn't look like she'll stop teaching anytime soon

It would be easy to rest on your laurels when you've been through as much as Gianna Martello has been through with the world of dance. She's gone from being a dancer herself to being on television and moving her life across the country to do what she loves. The 33-year-old even still goes to dance competitions on the weekends and teaches classes at the ALDC LA studio. Something tells us that she's going to be in this profession for a very long time to come. 


Gianna Martello's journey with "Dance Moms" and Abby Lee Miller herself just goes to show that there's a lot more than goes on off-screen than you might think. From being by Miller's side throughout her entire life to continuing to dance without the show, it's no secret that she lives and breathes the world of dance.