If You're An Enneagram Type 4, Here's The Hairstyle You Should Try

The Enneagram is discovered by taking an online test to determine the number type in which you fall. Each of the nine Enneagrams showcase a main component of one's personality type — a personality we gain as a child that takes us into adulthood and shapes the way we make decisions and live our lives, per The Enneagram Institute.

Your Enneagram number can tell you a lot about your personality, but it can also help you make key life decisions. It can help you determine who your life partner should be, what city you should move to, and even how you should style your hair. As an Enneagram type 4, you are considered "the individualist" and are easy to point out — you are often doing something super unique and standing out from the crowd in every way possible. Because of this, you are also more likely to take risks, even with your look. If you are an Enneagram type 4 and looking to change up your hairstyle, here's what you should try next.

Enneagram type 4's should do something unique to their hair

According to Truity, as an Enneagram type 4, you are motivated by expressing your own individuality and being different from those around you. Your uniqueness can carry you through your relationships, your career, and your personal style. So, if you are a type 4 looking to enhance your strong creative side, consider doing something a bit out-of-the-box with your hair. According to Shine.Buzz, type 4's love to dye their hair a variety of colors — and we aren't talking about changing your blonde hair to brunette. Instead, consider a color that isn't natural, like a bright pink or deep purple. Type 4's also like to bring back outdated styles, so consider trying a perm or pulling out your crimper from your teenage years.

Per The Enneagram Institute, one of your deepest fears as a type 4 is not portraying any uniqueness. Opting for a crazy hairstyle can help you feel different on the outside, which can do a lot for your inner self.

Enhance your new hair with an outfit perfect for a type 4

Hair is a big part of an Enneagram type 4. Not only is hair a great way to express individuality, according to Truity, you may also find a career in it. Type 4's crave flexibility in their lives and their career and are meant to do something creative. A hairstylist is the perfect opportunity for you as a type 4 as it checks all of these boxes. But, beyond your hair, type 4's also like to express themselves through their clothing.

According to UM Square Magazine, Enneagram type 4's are often found in crazy colors and unique patterns. If they are forced to wear something structured, they often combat this by accessorizing a ton. Glik's recommends creating a unique look by mixing together all your favorites. They suggest pairing a statement top and denim jacket with a tennis skirt and combat boots — a unique yet fashion-forward look perfect for a type 4.