April Taurus Vs. May Taurus: What's The Difference?

Born between April 20 and May 20, Tauruses are a pretty admirable sign. This zodiac is symbolized by a mighty bull, since those born under the Taurus sun sign are known for being headstrong (via Allure). They also possess many inspiring traits. Tauruses are down-to-earth and determined hard workers who also enjoy the finer things in life. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, they are career-oriented and focused and are not afraid to put the work into earning the luxuries they crave.

Since most zodiac signs spill over in two different months, there is often discussion surrounding those born in one month and how they may differ from those being born in another month, although falling under the same exact sign. It's fascinating because our astral charts are based on the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the exact time of our birth. So although you may share the same sign with someone, you may notice subtle differences depending on which month you came into the world.

Here are a few ways April Tauruses may be different from May Tauruses.

April Tauruses possess the most common traits of the sign

The whole zodiac is composed of 12 signs that add up to 360 degrees, so each sign is 30 degrees and contains three decans of 10 degrees each (via Well + Good). With every sign, decans play a role. A decan is a subdivision of a sign and impacts what rules the sign. The first 10 days of the sign begins what is known as the first decan, so for Tauruses, April holds the first decan.

As first decan, April Tauruses possess the most common Taurus traits, such as loyalty, steadfastness, and pleasure seeking (via Bustle). This is because April Tauruses, as a result of being the first decan, are ruled by Venus exclusively. 

One of the mainstays of Tauruses is their stubbornness and their delight in fine things. From delicious meals and extravagant vacations to simply wrapping themselves in cashmere and enjoying the feel of the material on their skin, April Tauruses place an emphasis on experiencing sensory pleasure. They also are highly devoted to those they love and are very committed. Tauruses show love slowly and are very romantic.

May Tauruses are all about accomplishing their goals

May Tauruses are ruled by Venus, but not solely. May contains the second decan (Virgo) and third decan (Capricorn). They also have help from Mercury in the second decan and from Saturn, additionally. These planetary influences add a little extra set of characteristics. Together they make May Tauruses more practical, ambitious, and charming (via Her Way).

Virgo's influence brings attention to detail and the capacity to plan and organize very carefully. That's quite an impressive set of abilities, particularly when added to Tauruses' already stable tendency to work hard and think situations through. Tauruses tend to be two steps ahead of everyone else because they are always planning their next move and learning ways to do it most effectively.

May Tauruses also strive to accomplish things, from big to small, and are highly disciplined (via Geeky Craze). The scope doesn't matter as much as the drive to fulfill the action meticulously and correctly.