If You're A Pisces, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs

In astrological circles, Pisces — those born between February 19 and March 20 — are known as a sensitive sign, leaning into water signs' tendency to be led by their emotions. However, it's easy to get the wrong idea about Pisces' emotional intelligence and its role in their daily lives. Being in tune with their inner environment can actually mean self-regulation tools like music are key to settling a Pisces' psyche. Like Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini, the sign is mutable, meaning they share the same musical mode, or "quadruplicity," per musician Roell Hollander and sources that make connections between music, mathematics, and the zodiac. Another example of the Pisces' musical connection is its fellow water signs, Scorpio and Cancer, as they form a "trigon" which results in auditory harmony.

The masculine or positive signs are fire and air, while the feminine or negative signs are considered to be water and earth, per Hollander. These bonds between elements are known in musical terms as the "sextiles," which Hollander considers "ease of communication" and overall compatibility. But what does all this really mean? That maybe playlists passed between the water and earth signs will have more similar vibes, and that within the water signs, it's safe to say that these songs will strike a chord. A well-curated Pisces playlist will also lean into a range of Pisces' characteristics, encapsulating their sensitivity alongside their fun-loving natures.

A Pisces-friendly playlist should be heart-led

Bustle agrees that basing playlists off of the listener's zodiac element is a clear path to success. The outlet suggests checking out Spotify's playlists for both your sun and rising signs, since you may embody many characteristics of both or appear as one or the other sign to the outside world. 

In an interview with Vice, astrologer Annabel G shared that Pisces' deep romantic and dreamy sensibilities lead the way in their musical selection. "Pisces in particular love any kind of music that is trippy and takes them to another world; they're definitely the hippies of the zodiac." The outlet also posed Pisces as likely creators and musicians — creative outlets may also be a way Pisces show their love and affection for others.

Bustle categorizes the signs via the elements, sharing that water can connote tears as well as serve as a metaphor for the heart. Being led by their intuition is one of Pisces' strength, and they naturally pick up on others' emotions. Because of this, Pisces can craft the ideal playlist for any close friend, though may tread carefully for those who don't want to reflect as deeply as the sentimentally-minded Pisces.

Get into your feelings, then queue a song to bring you back to the world

In the right mood, Pisces' escapism may lead them to pop music that restarts the day and wakes up their imagination — think of Lady Gaga's iconic album "Artpop" or some nostalgic Ke$ha to mix things up.

"Don't Feel Like Crying" by Sigrid stands out for The Daily Targum as a Pisces-friendly anthem that engages both their emotionality and their need to let off steam. The singer reclaims her power and refuses to wallow in problems she can't fix. Instead, she overcomes difficult circumstances to prioritize living in the present. Its upbeat pop rhythm and inspirational message are perfect for the Pisces looking for a break from the full weight of their emotions — at least for a night of low-stakes fun.

Check out songs by Pisces artists

Livingly suggests a few mellow songs for the mutable Pisces, one of which comes from a fellow water sign. As a Pisces celebrity himself, Justin Bieber is ready to dish his full feelings about the subject of his song, "Get Me." The collaboration with Kehlani boasts a sweet tempo and quirky soundscape that make it the perfect song to get into your lovey-dovey feelings.

The lyric, "Never thought that I'd connect with you, not under these circumstances," also accurately reflects the unexpected love that so often sweeps sentimental Pisces off their feet (via Genius). Though the song continues to describe the experience of instantly hitting it off with someone like-minded, Kehlani's verse focuses on chemistry and a physical connection — a shift that's completely on-brand for the singer's Taurus sun sign. These earth and water signs are connected as sextiles — both negatively polarized and feminine elements — meaning that the artists' communication style and emotional trajectory are perfectly complementary in this song.

The Weeknd's vibe is perfect for Pisces

Livingly predicts "After Hours" by The Weeknd to be a major hit for Pisces. The singer's signature falsetto introduces listeners to an overwhelming new love, as the song's darker chords and edgy production reflect a sense of dread around what might go wrong in the relationship. 

Though The Weeknd is an Aquarius sun, his air sign lends the song a dreamy quality that can make any Pisces feel seen. And, of course, the singer's catalog is the perfect soundtrack for a slow-going emotional recovery from major life events like a breakup, especially "Call Out My Name." If Pisces is in the mood for an escapist dance party, chart-toppers like "Blinding Lights" may be exactly what they need to reengage with their light-hearted energy as well.

A water sign can never go wrong with Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is possibly one of the most Pisces-friendly artists in the game, with songs that range from deeply reflective and sonically stunning to more sensual reflections on love, wanting, and relationships. And, as a fellow water sign with his sun in Scorpio, the musician is never afraid to get into the nuances of his emotions. He even reflects the softer side of the often protective and mysterious Scorpio, who may be used to hiding their tenderness. Livingly's last song recommendation for Pisces is Frank Ocean's "Ivy," which gives a similar vibe to Justin Bieber's "Get Me" in that it features a whirlwind romance that leaves the singer on unsure emotional footing.

Ocean sings, "I had no chance to prepare, I couldn't see you coming," as he reflects on the course of the relationship (vis Genius). He then shares that though communication hasn't happened, "[W]e both know that deep down / The feeling still deep down is good." Water signs' spot-on intuition often allows them to understand others' emotional state, so Pisces can likely relate to the singer's read on his ex.