Crystals You Should Think Twice About Getting If You're A Libra

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and includes people who were born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22. The air sign's unique symbol is the scales, which perfectly sums up Libra's need to balance all things in their life. 

Libras are known for many good qualities, including their deeply loving hearts and strong sense of responsibility to those they care about. The sign is also known for being very social and looking at all sides of a situation in order to be as fair as possible — hence the scales. Libra is also known to be optimistic and wants to believe the best about the people in their lives (via Your Tango).

However, they also have some negative attributes. Libras are known for hating confrontation, which can be a problem when and if they ever have to stand up for themselves or others around them. Libras can often be indecisive and become people-pleasers, which may lead them to participate in activities that aren't exactly appealing to them. 

Some Libras can be a bit vain as the sign is said to love all things beautiful, per Revive Zone. They can also be self-absorbed at times and sink deep into self-pity when things aren't going their way.

Because of Libra's many traits, there are plenty of crystals that match perfectly with their personality, and using them could be very beneficial to the sign.

Crystals that pair well with Libras include amethyst and selenite

According to Cosmopolitan, there are many crystals that can have a big impact on those born under the sign of Libra. Tiger's eye is said to attract positive energy and good luck. This could be perfect for manifesting your goals and dreams if you use it while visualizing all of the things you want out of life. 

Amethyst is another great crystal for Libra as it's said to keep negativity away and help you live your best life. The outlet also suggests that Libra use blue lace agate to help them speak up and share their truth while also avoiding conflict, which the sign hates so much.

Mindtastik notes that Libra may also benefit from using selenite, which helps the air sign find balance in their lives — which Libra finds very important. Meanwhile, rose quartz resonates with Libra because it's associated with love, forgiveness, and compassion, which are all things that the sign believes in and holds dear to their hearts. 

It's also suggested that Libra use aquamarine to help them with mental health and cognitive functions as the crystal is known for its healing vibes.

While there are many crystals that work wonderfully for Libras, there are also some that they may want to avoid.

Some crystals, like smoky quartz and amazonite, may not be ideal for Libra

While different crystals offer different things to members of the zodiac, some crystals shouldn't be paired together. 

According to Divine Twist, tiger's eye shouldn't be grouped with smoky quartz. Since tiger's eye vibes with Libra so much, the sign may want to stay away from smoky quartz or at least keep the crystals far away from each other. The same goes for amazonite, which also doesn't pair well with tiger's eye. Many use amazonite for sleep, but tiger's eye may cancel out those benefits.

In addition, the outlet notes that blue lace agate is great for relieving stress and anxiety. However, it shouldn't be paired with orange calcite, which sets your mind and creative juices flowing. Meanwhile, Sonoma Valley Sun also reveals that blue lace agate shouldn't be used with red jasper, as the latter is used to boost energy and vibes, which may disrupt blue lace agate's calming nature.

For Libras using amethyst, they may want to think twice before picking up carnelian for similar reasons. Amethyst is used to calm energy, while carnelian can boost energy, so pairing them together may not be ideal.

Using crystals for energy, healing, and more can be beneficial for Libra. However, be sure to do your research about how to use each crystal — and pair it with others — beforehand.