Prince Charles' Reported Income Just Blew Everyone Away

There are some people in the world where you hear their names and instantly know how rich they are. (We're looking at you and your net worth, Jeff Bezos.) But then there are much more illusive rich people. The royal family falls into the latter category. It's hard to nail down exactly how rich they are since their wealth comes from multiple streams, but the king-to-be's net worth is definitely up there. In fact, Prince Charles' yearly income soared this past year, according to the Daily Mail. When you hear the number, you'll see why it pays to be royal. 


In case you're not familiar with the royal standings, Prince Charles is the oldest child of Queen Elizabeth II. That means that he will someday be the king. It also means that he is a very wealthy man. We're talking about the owns four different houses (including a literal castle) type of wealth (via Cornwall Live). Of course, it makes sense for a prince to be rich, but the actual number amount of what he makes in a year will blow you away.

Prince Charles reportedly made nearly $28 million in the past year

It might be Queen Elizabeth's year to celebrate her 70th work anniversary with the country, but it's her son that's sitting pretty financially. According to the Daily Mail, Prince Charles yearly earnings for 2021 totaled to £23 million (nearly $28 million). That's a whole lot of tea and crumpets, my friend. 


The number for Prince Charles' net worth is not exactly the easiest to determine. The yearly amount for the royal family members comes from a mixture of grants, personal and public residences, and inheritances, according to Good to Know. While all of that is public information because the royal family work for the public, it's not an exact science. 

The spike in Charles' net worth is attributed to the "bounce-back from the pandemic," according to the Daily Mail. "This year has seen a return to more normal conditions and a record financial performance," Alastair Martin, the Portfolio of Duchy's Secretary and Keeper of the Records, explained. More people traveling to residences that he owns or has holdings in reportedly made for some hefty pocket change.


His estate is worth over $1.45 billion

As mentioned above, another part of Prince Charles' net worth is his real-estate portfolio (via Good to Know). Apparently those residences are doing pretty well. According to the Daily Mail, his estate is up to £1.2 billion ($1.45 billion). Yes, you read that correctly — billion. The publication also notes that it makes for a £93 million jump from the previous year. How's that for a post-pandemic flourish?


As for how they know that, the prince keeps a log of all of this properties in what is called the Duchy of Cornwall (via Hello! Magazine). That portfolio includes over 128,000 acres of land in England and Wales as well as £345 million of commercial property, according to City A.M. When those properties make money, so does he. Basically, everything your parents ever told you about the benefits of investing in real estate are complete true, and Prince Charles is proof.

While it definitely pays to be royal, this king-to-be is doing pretty well with his money.