Here Are All The Men Quinn Has Loved On The Bold And The Beautiful

Soap vet Rena Sofer debuted the role of jewelry designer Quinn Fuller on "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 2013. Before that, Sofer got her start in acting on the classic soaps "Another World" and "Loving" in the late 1980s before landing many spots on primetime TV shows like "Melrose Place" and "The Chronicle" in the following decades. Sofer returned to daytime from 1993 to 1997 when she played music producer Lois Cerullo on "General Hospital." That was before she joined the cast of "B&B," where she has remained for the past nine years.

Sofer's Quinn Fuller is a character that fans love to hate. When she first arrived in the fictional version of Los Angeles on "B&B," Quinn had only one thing on her mind — making sure her adult son, Wyatt Fuller (Darin Brooks), got whatever (woman) he wanted. It was soon clear that she would cross any lines necessary to make that happen, and Quinn quickly proved herself to be a master schemer who gave little thought to the consequences of her actions. Throughout her near-decade on the show, Quinn has managed to destroy countless relationships, commit kidnappings and attempted murders, and had more than one steamy affair (via Soap Central).

Though she's been married to the same man since 2016, which is a significant amount of time for a front burner soap character, that relationship has not been without its own trials. In fact, the two recently called it quits. However, Quinn has stolen the hearts of many eligible (and not so eligible) men on "The Bold and the Beautiful," so let's take a look at the many men that Quinn Fuller has loved.

Bill Spencer Jr.

Before Quinn Fuller and her son first landed in LA, she had raised Wyatt as a single mother, having told him that his father died when he was very young (via Soaps in Depth). Once they arrived in town, it didn't take long for Wyatt to bump into publishing magnate Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont) and his son, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), and begin to suspect that he was related to them. Quinn eventually confirmed to Wyatt that Bill was in fact his biological father. Years earlier, Quinn had been casually dating Bill when she became pregnant as a teenager. He gave her money to terminate her pregnancy, but she decided to keep the baby and open a jewelry business instead.

By 2014, the truth had been revealed to everyone and Bill and Liam had accepted Wyatt into their family — even prompting Wyatt to change his last name to Spencer (via Soap Central). Quinn began showing romantic interest in Bill again and managed to seduce him despite the fact that he was in love with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Following their tryst, Bill rejected Quinn and soon became engaged to Brooke. In retaliation, Quinn sent a photo of her and Bill in bed to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), who revealed the indiscretion to Brooke and promptly got thrown out of a helicopter for his trouble.

Deacon Sharpe

When Quinn Fuller's son, Wyatt Spencer, became romantically interested in Hope Logan (then Kim Matula), she made it a point to get to know the woman's father, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), in hopes of pushing their kid's relationship forward (via Soap Central). The two ended up sleeping together and then began a relationship.

Quinn contemplated suicide after being blamed for Hope miscarrying the baby she was having with Wyatt, but Deacon was able to talk her out of it. He proposed not long after, though most of the couple's friends and family disapproved of their relationship. And when Quinn and Deacon were married in April 2015, her son, Wyatt, was the only guest. The couple seemed happy and faded from the spotlight for a while. However, less than a year later, Quinn told Wyatt that she and Deacon had separated.

In March 2016, Deacon discovered that Quinn had kidnapped Liam Spencer and was planning to kill him. He was manipulated into helping her. However, Quinn changed her mind at the last moment and ended up pushing Deacon off a cliff instead, believing she had killed him and not caring much about it (via Soaps). Deacon ended up surviving the fall, and in 2017, he was revealed to be the person who had shot at Quinn many times in an attempt to kill her, out of revenge. He was sent to prison and released in 2022, though he hasn't crossed paths with Quinn since (via Soaps in Depth).

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Liam Spencer

It was while she was separated from her husband, Deacon Sharpe, in 2016 that Quinn Fuller found herself embroiled in a torrid affair with her son's half-brother. At the time, Liam Spencer and Wyatt Spencer were fighting over the affections of the same woman — Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Quinn decided to take it upon herself to remove Liam from the situation so her son would have a better chance at winning the girl (via Soap Central). She kidnapped Liam and brought him to a remote cabin where she realized that he was suffering from amnesia after hitting his head. Quinn went on to tell Liam that his name was Adam and hers was Eve and that they were married to each other. The two slept together, and after several months of playing house, Quinn found herself genuinely in love with the younger man.

Their unlikely love story hit a rough patch when Liam started remembering some of his past. That's when Quinn contemplated killing him so that her scheme wouldn't come to light, though she foiled her own plan to push him off a cliff when she decided to shove Deacon instead. Not long afterward, Wyatt came to his mother's cabin and found Liam there, who's memories returned when he laid eyes on his brother (via Soaps). As a result, Wyatt disowned his mother and Liam had Quinn arrested, though she managed to wiggle her way out of any prison time.

Eric Forrester

Not long after Quinn Fuller's secret double life blew up in her face, she found herself having an affair with her boss, Eric Forrester (John McCook) — who also happened to be the patriarch of a family that hated her and the grandfather of her son's new wife, Steffy Forrester (via Soaps in Depth). When their relationship was made public, Eric sided with Quinn over the rest of his family. The couple got engaged and were heartbroken when Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer) was the only person to show up to their wedding. Eric's anger at his family contributed to him having a stroke at the ceremony and Quinn regained her son Wyatt's affections when she stood by her new husband and helped him recover (via Soap Central).

Despite their tumultuous beginning and significant age gap, Eric and Quinn seemed to have a genuine connection. Though they hit a few rough patches in their six years of marriage, mostly due to Quinn's infidelity, the couple managed to work through their problems for quite awhile. However, just recently in June 2022, Eric asked Quinn for a divorce when he was caught having an affair with his old flame, Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis), according to Soaps. During an intense and tearful goodbye, both Eric and Quinn admitted to being in love with other people and eventually parted amicably.

Ridge Forrester

In December 2016, Ridge Forrester found himself attracted to his father's younger wife after seeing Quinn Fuller naked in an outdoor shower (via Soaps in Depth). Ridge, Steffy Forrester's father, held much animosity toward Quinn for the way she manipulated his daughter's life and her relationships with Wyatt and Liam Spencer. Thus, Ridge decided he could kill two birds with one stone by seducing Quinn away from his father, ruin their marriage, and hopefully get her kicked out of Forrester Creations to boot. However, Quinn quickly caught on to Ridge's plan when he suddenly began flirting with her constantly, even though he was engaged to Brooke Logan. After sharing a passionate kiss, neither Quinn or Ridge could deny their chemistry, and tried and failed to stay away from each other over and over again.

Due to Quinn and Ridge's inability to keep their distance from one another, they were caught kissing by various people on multiple occasions (via Soap Central). Brooke witnessed Ridge's infidelity with her own eyes and canceled their engagement, turning to Bill Spencer instead. Quinn admitted to Ridge that she loved both him and his father and was trying to decide between them when their secret was revealed. Notorious villain, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), had gotten wind of Quinn and Ridge's indiscretion and revealed it to Eric, whom she was desperate to be with herself. Eric was livid and asked Quinn for a divorce, which made her realize that it was him she truly wanted to be with. Eric eventually forgave Quinn when she proved her devotion to him.

Carter Walton

In 2021, Quinn Fuller was extremely troubled when her husband, Eric Forrester, continuously avoided being intimate with her (via Soaps in Depth). She soon found herself confiding in Forrester Creations attorney, Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), and the two gave in to their mutual lust and began an affair. Brooke Logan eventually exposed Quinn's relationship with Carter, and though Eric was hurt that he had been cheated on again, he explained that the reason he had been distant from her was because he was experiencing erectile dysfunction. He then told her that she was free to continue a physical relationship with Carter in order to satisfy her needs.

However, not long after he gave his approval, Eric changed his mind about having an open marriage and asked Quinn to stop seeing Carter (via Soap Central). Quinn and Eric tried to reconnect, though they hit another speed bump when Quinn discovered that her husband was able to get aroused by his ex, Donna Logan, but not her. When Eric shared his feelings for Donna with Quinn a few days before this writing, he also claimed that she was still in love with Carter. Quinn eventually admitted that was true and Eric pushed her to go after the man she loved, who was about to marry Paris Buckingham (Diamond White).

On June 30, 2022 Quinn crashed the wedding ceremony to declare her love and asked Carter to be with her (via Soaps). Paris was promptly left at the altar and Carter fell into Quinn's arms, much to the delight of many fans. Only time will tell if this relationship is meant to last!