Ralph Fiennes' Idea For A Harry Potter Spin-Off Is Simply Hilarious - Exclusive

Ralph Fiennes has played a smorgasbord of fascinating characters throughout his career, but his performance as Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" series is perhaps his most terrifying. Understandably, the actor has become known the world over for portraying Harry Potter's nemesis and helping to create a character so bone-chilling that it's haunted many nightmares. Now, Fiennes is back in "The Forgiven," a brooding thriller co-starring Oscar-winner Jessica Chastain, currently playing in theaters. 

"The Forgiven" focuses on unhappily married couple David and Jo Henniger on an international trip that goes badly awry. While traveling to an ex-pat's debaucherous party in the Moroccan desert, the Hennigers accidentally run over a teenager and are forced to confront the consequences of their actions. In the aftermath, Jo finds herself faced with temptation at the opulent party, while David must make things right with the victim's family.

While promoting "The Forgiven," Ralph Fiennes sat down with The List and shared a brilliant idea for how he could return to the "Harry Potter" universe as Voldemort. 

Even Voldemort deserves a little romance

While Voldemort is known for many things, romance is not one of them. However, actor Ralph Fiennes could change all that, thanks to his unexpected yet totally brilliant idea.

Discussing whether he'd ever return to play his iconic role within the "Harry Potter" universe, Fiennes joked to The List, "I think Voldemort should reappear and there should be Voldemort's Bride, played by Jessica [Chastain]." His co-star in "The Forgiven" bit back, "Fine. But then would it be a loving marriage?" 

"I think it would be," Fiennes replied. "It would be very complicated. It would be obsession. They would hate each other. Then they would come together with incredible spells. They would have amazing sex, and then they would have their traumatic separations. They'd use their magic to manipulate each other and fall in love with each other."

Responding to Fiennes' idea for a Voldemort spin-off, which would be both hilarious and endlessly watchable, Chastain said, "It sounds very exciting. Probably not appropriate for children, but who cares?" Agreeing with his co-star, Fiennes said, "Who cares? Right." While the powers that be of the Wizarding World franchises might need a lot of convincing to make an idea like this one a reality, it goes without saying that we'd watch a Voldemort spin-off in a heartbeat.

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