The Most Popular Pieces Of Jewelry Worn By Meghan Markle

There is only one thing greater than having the perfect outfit, and that's having the perfect jewelry to go with it. If there's one family that knows about that, it's the royal family. The members have iconic family heirlooms and enough money to keep adding to the collection. She might be known for rocking some of the best looks every single time she steps out, Meghan Markle also knows how to accessorize. In fact, she has one of the most sought-after jewelry collections of the entire royal family — including Queen Elizabeth's personal collection


Compared to other royals, Markle really steps out of the box when it comes to jewelry. Every item that she wears is not only on-trend but also often carries a unique meaning (via Entertainment Tonight). That's the key to going from good to great jewelry. Whether it's honoring her children or honoring family members that have passed away, Markle knows how to make a statement with her accessories. Here are some of her best — you'll see what we mean.

Princess Diana's Cartier watch

A watch is a good addition to any outfit, but a Cartier watch is a great addition. Meghan Markle often wears a classic gold Cartier watch when she steps out to public events. It turns out that it wasn't always hers though. According to Vanity Fair, it's Princess Diana's gold Cartier Tank Française watch that Markle wears on her wrist. 


The publication reports that the family heirloom was taken from Princess Diana's collection by Prince William after his mother's death. The two boys were able to have first dibs on anything they wanted from Diana's collection, and Prince William chose the Cartier watch while Prince Harry chose his mother's engagement ring (via Vanity Fair). The two swapped out their jewelry pieces when Prince William married Kate Middleton, who then received Diana's engagement ring.

This isn't Markle's only Cartier Tank Française watch, either. According to Insider, she bought herself the same $5,800 watch in two-toned metals after "Suits" was picked up for a third season. The publication says that she has "To M.M. From M.M" engraved on the inside. 


Her iconic Cartier Love bracelet

When Meghan Markle first started dating Prince Harry, the world was instantly struck by her fashion sense. They also quickly picked up on her love for gold jewelry, which often featured the Cartier Love Bracelet (via Express UK). It's important to remember that Markle was a successful actress before she was a member of the royal family, which means she could buy herself whatever jewelry she wanted. 


The bracelet, which costs $5,800 and needs a special screwdriver (per Cartier) to get on, is a favorite among many of the royals. According to Hello! Magazine, eight other royal women wear them, including Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

Markle has worn it for a whole lot of iconic moments in her life as well, which makes it all the more special. The 40-year-old wore the bracelet on the now infamous Oprah interview with Prince Harry that completely rocked the world. She paired it with a tennis bracelet from Princess Diana's collection as well (via Insider) — which means she was wearing it while Prince Harry said the statement, "My biggest concern was history repeating itself." We'll let you make that connection. 


Her dainty gold hand-chain

This woman doesn't just wear iconic jewelry, either. She makes her own trends from time to time as well — i.e. the dainty golden wrist chain that she wore to the opening of the Invictus Games.  The twisted chain connected around her wrist and ring finger, which drew a sweet connection between Princess Diana's Cartier watch and the engagement ring that she wore (via Express UK).


According to Variety, the piece of jewelry is the Kitten Mitten hand bracelet from the brand Catbird. The bracelet is available on the brand's website for a cool $238, at the time of publication, and is made from 100% recycled solid 14K gold in Brooklyn (via Catbird). Sustainable, trendy, and still in stock? It doesn't get better than that. It also shows just how much thought the Duchess of Sussex puts into everything that she wears. 

Diana's aqua wedding reception ring

Of course, the world watched as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married, and fans gawked at her reception outfit. Not only was Markle's dress stunning, but she also slipped on something borrowed, old, and blue — Princess Diana's 13-carat aquamarine and diamond ring (via Hello! Magazine). The ring, which the late princess wore post-divorce on her ring finger, is said to cost £80,000, according to Express UK.


Markle doesn't often wear colorful jewelry, so this rock definitely stood out. Of course, as we now know, Markle has a thing for keeping her late mother-in-law's memory alive through her jewelry collection (per Town and Country). It truly gives a whole new meaning to the term family heirloom. It also makes for a strong connection between the two that people already believe is there. According to People, the public likes to link Meghan Markle and Princess Diana together for their efforts to "revolutionize royalty" — not just their incredibly taste in accessories. 

Her initial necklace that started the trend

As mentioned above, the Duchess of Sussex likes to create new jewelry trends as well. While she might not have created the trend of wearing initial necklaces, Meghan Markle wore an "A" initial necklace to Wimbledon when the jewelry trend started to take off. "Meghan is modern, fashionable, and always on-trend, and personalized jewellery is the biggest trend right now," Sydney-based Verse Fine Jewellery founder Emma Swann told Harper's Bazaar. "It's all about sentiment and love, which people adore, and to see her wearing the necklace is amazing."


The necklace is still very much in trend, even at the time of publication, and will set you back a whopping $845, per the brand's website. Thankfully, there are tons of affordable dupes out there as well. 

Basically, Markle is the queen of jewelry. Not many people can don heirlooms, make their own trends, and stay consistent with their personal style, but this woman does it all.