How The July 13 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Scorpio

Once a month, something special happens — a full moon. The full moon might come every month (and even twice when there's a rare blue moon), but it's a little different each time it rises into the sky. According to Forbes, July 13th brings with it the Buck Moon, which is a "supermoon" that will be the closest to our planet for the entire year. Basically, that means it will look larger than ever in the sky. There's more to the moon than just a pretty photo, though. Scorpios will get a shake-up this month in the best possible way, so get ready to switch things up.

This month's full moon rises in Capricorn on July 13, meaning the Buck Moon energy is all about planning, working hard, and long-term goals (via Bustle). That means a swift change of pace for a busy Scorpio. It's time to slow down, move with the moon, and get to planning. "July's Buck Moon is an inspiration to each individual person to break free from the box, and become our true, fully grown selves," celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman tells Good To Know. "Water signs, like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, are strongly linked to the moon, because the moon is associated with the element of water."

Bottom line, it's time to rest, relax, and ride the waves of the full moon. Here are all the things for Scorpios to focus on this month, so you can set yourself up for success for the rest of the year. 

Scorpios are entering a time of rest and ease

If you or someone you know is a Scorpio, then you know they get a bad rep. They're often seen as stubborn when really they just need a bit of validation every now and then. But, according to Good To Know, they'll be able to slow down this month and feel a bit more at ease thanks to the full moon's Capricorn placement on July 13. "Springtime was busy for [Scorpios], so in July you finally get to rest up," Inbaal Honigman tells Good To Know. "Mars, your ruling planet, enters Taurus, a very calm and elegant sign, which gives you a chance to relax."

That means that instead of putting your head down and grinding it out this month, you might feel better taking a step back and having a quiet month. Although this might feel unnatural for the water sign, this is a great time to go with the flow and see what the newfound slowness brings. After all, every single sign could use some rest and relaxation sometimes. 

It's a good time to reflect

You didn't think there would be nothing for you to do this month though, did you? If you're a Scorpio looking to put something on your to-do list for the month, it could be the perfect time to reflect. But instead of throwing yourself into work, try digging deeper into yourself instead.

The sign of the scorpion is extremely self-aware, which makes the July 13 full moon the perfect time to get deeper with their own attributes. "Scorpio has so much mental strength and conviction with their thoughts, but the full moon will have them reflecting on certain mindsets and thought patterns that no longer serve them," astrologer Ryan Marquardt tells Bustle. "They need to unlearn something old so they can re-learn it in a way that better suits their outlook on life now."

Try journal prompts that explore the depths of your own transformation. The Chalk Board suggests Scorpio-minded prompts like "What do I not want to admit to myself?" and "What am I afraid to release?" Both will help you dig a little deeper this full moon. 

The full moon brings connection to others

As the Times of India points out, Scorpios are by nature extremely introverted people. That means that they don't have any problems taking it easy during the Buck Moon, doing some journaling, and laying low. Don't be surprised if you start feeling a little spark of togetherness during this time of the month as well. Again, go with it this month, Scorpios. 

According to InStyle, the full moon on July 13 falls in Scorpio's third house of communication, meaning that connection to others will be high for the sign. Step into that this month and plan a dinner with a close friend or partner. You might not be feeling this social for a while, so you're going to want to make the most of this energy while you have it.

Honestly, it sounds like a pretty great month for the water sign. Easy and comfort are never a bad thing, so embrace it before Leo season heads into full action.