Fans Can't Get Enough Of Tom Cruise And Catherine Middleton's Public Interactions

They are two of the most famous people on Earth and yet, unlikely acquaintances. Tom Cruise, perhaps the biggest movie star alive today, and Catherine Middleton, the future queen of England, live in completely different worlds. He's a Hollywood leading man even into his 60s, and the Duchess of Cambridge, well, she's the wife of the one-day king, Prince William.

The world first enjoyed a public sighting of the two household names back when "Top Gun: Maverick" premiered in London in May. During the event, fans were seriously debating the appropriateness of Cruise touching the royal's hand. Another topic of discussion was the actor's height as compared to Middleton's, with the two seemingly ending up looking at each other eye-to-eye — depending on the angle.

In any event, photos of the encounter prove that the duo got along, well, famously, with both smiling in one another's company.

Now, it seems Cruise and the Duchess of Cambridge have met up once again at another very high-profile event.

Catherine Middleton and Tom Cruise sat near one another at Wimbledon

The day before Prince George made headlines for making his debut at Wimbledon with his parents, Catherine Middleton attended the tennis match without her son in tow. On this occasion, the fashionable future queen donned a bright, attention-getting yellow frock by designer Roksanda (via Page Six).

While the Duchess of Cambridge was undoubtedly the most photographed member of the audience for the Ladies' Singles Final, another famous face could be seen among the crowd. If you guessed that person was Tom Cruise, you'd be correct. It's unclear if the two actually spoke during the event, but the internet is still buzzing about how the actor was looking at Middleton, seemingly in awe of her (via Meaww).

And with Cruise seated just a few rows behind the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club royal patron, Twitter had a lot to say about this very Hollywood-esque moment.

It's unclear if Catherine Middleton and Tom Cruise even spoke during the match

Of course, the interaction between Catherine Middleton and Tom Cruise was minimal at best on Saturday, July 9, 2022, with the two huge celebrities never talking, or even making eye contact — at least not in front of cameras. But this fact didn't stop Twitter from having a bit of fun with the moment. "Between Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Tom Cruise, Wimbledon is much better than any soap opera today," one fan tweeted.

Other fans speculated that the famous faces appearing at Wimbledon on the same day was not a coincidence, although there is no evidence that they planned to attend the women's final together.

And to be fair, Cruise was not the only celebrity who joined Middleton for the high-profile sporting event, with actress Jodie Comer and Ellie Goulding also in attendance. Another famous Kate also enjoyed the men's final the next day: Kate Winslet (via Express).