The Taylor Swift Song You Should Listen To If You're A Scorpio

There's a Taylor Swift song for every mood. If you're feeling happy-go-lucky, create a playlist featuring "Shake it Off," "22," and "I Forgot That You Existed," and you'll instantly elevate your mood even further (per BuzzFeed). If you're deep in your feelings, you may want to turn on Swift's "Red" album, which is said to be her saddest record. More specifically, you'll want to play "The Moment I Knew" or "Sad Beautiful Tragic" on repeat, according to Republic World. You may also want to tailor your Swiftie-inspired playlist to your zodiac sign for even more personal selections.

It's been rumored that Swift herself has taken a liking to the zodiac, purposely re-releasing her album "Red" during Scorpio season (via Elite Daily). As a Scorpio, you inherently scream Swiftie. According to Cosmopolitan, you're intense, strong, and independent, but also loyal and passionate. When it comes to your music, you like things that make you think. Songs full of introspective, deep lyrics are your go-to and you generally gravitate toward songs that make you feel something, per Bustle

So, if you want to get deep into your emotions with T. Swift in your headphones, here's what to listen to as a Scorpio.

Scorpios should listen to Taylor Swift's most passionate songs

Scorpios are among the most passionate of the zodiac signs. According to Cosmopolitan, you can often spot a Scorpio by their intense gaze or their all-around confidence. While not a Scorpio herself, Taylor Swift has a number of songs that appeal to the sign's need for emotional depth. According to Bustle, this zodiac sign has a wide range of music they gravitate toward. Scorpios' top played songs on Spotify are probably a mix of slower, sexier songs, and upbeat, confident tunes with purposeful lyrics. They recommend all Scorpios add "Blank Space" to their Swift-inspired playlist. It's upbeat yet super dark — a combo that describes this water sign perfectly.

The Daily Cal recommends Scorpios listen to "Treacherous," a ballad from Swift's "Red" album, as well. Song Facts lists this as one of the most sexual songs Swift has released, which is perfect for a Scorpio who is very sexually motivated. It also speaks to your fiery side as she tells the story of a deeply profound love.

More Swift songs made for a Scorpio

With her intensity and passion, not to mention her deep and thought-provoking lyrics, it almost seems as though Taylor Swift is creating music specifically for Scorpios. Because of this, you'll find a ton of great songs to add to your Swifte x Scorpio playlist. Her Campus has a list of great songs to help Scorpio feel their feelings, which you probably list as a favorite hobby of yours. Add "Cold as You," "The Way I Loved You," and "Haunted" to your playlist, along with "I Know Places," "no body no crime," and "evermore."

If you need just one song, though, opt for the 10-minute version of "All Too Well," a song that will get even the least emotional Scorpio belting out the lyrics. According to PopSugar, the lyric "Maybe we got lost in translation. Maybe I asked for too much. But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up" describes your love life perfectly. This is especially true if you've fallen deeply in love only to watch it fall apart. Happy listening and feeling, Scorpios!