The Taylor Swift Song You Should Listen To If You're A Pisces

Astrology enthusiasts can agree that the water signs are most in tune with their feelings. Enter Pisces, the forever dreamers of the zodiac. Pisces often get a bad rep for being sensitive or confrontation-adjacent, but they have layers. In one minute, Pisceans wear their hearts on their sleeves and in the next, they are their partner's biggest defender, per Bustle


But thoughtful, creative, and unfazed Pisces is also known for looking at love with rose-colored glasses and seeing good in situations that are more complicated, reports Cosmopolitan UK. That's the perfect recipe for a Taylor Swift song. Paste Magazine broke down Swift's longevity, and credited her ability to put into words what others can't. Look no further than her 2012 album "Red" as proof of her emotive writing prowess. The entertainment outlet crowned "All Too Well" as one of her top tier songs because of its sweeping lyrics on love and heartbreak. 

As the queen of emotions, Swift has already written the perfect Pisces anthem.

Cruel Summer is the song that every Pisces deserves

The Daily Californian claimed Taylor Swift's catchy summer classic "Cruel Summer" for Pisceans, and it's 100% fitting. "Cruel Summer" has all of the ingredients of a romantic banger. Swift sings of the anxieties that come with starting a new relationship in the midst of personal struggles, per Song Facts


The personal drama referenced in the track is a little more complicated. 2016 was a dark year for Swifties. The music outlet speculated that Swift's own "cruel summer" started with her infamous, long-time feud with Kanye West boiling over.

But Swift is an expert on weaving complex ideas into her smash hits. Per Auralclave, themes on new love, summer flings that turn into more, and being open to possibilities are also built directly into the lyrics. During a secret August 2019 "Lover" music session for iHeartRadio, Swift confirmed that the song revolves around the stages of pining and desperation that new partners often go through.

In relationships, the Daily Californian argued that no one matches the determination of a Pisces in love. Pisceans crave a strong connection with their partner and sometimes rush the "getting to know you" stages in order to get there, according to Vogue UK. Hence, why Pisces are most compatible with, and should marry the signs that are emotionally mature and can ground them.


More songs that will make loyal, empathetic Pisces feel seen

Taylor Swift has a plethora of sleeper hits that pack as much of an emotional punch as her more well-loved tracks. For dependable, caring Pisces, 2010's "Long Live" will live on repeat, per Bustle. Swift dedicated this song to her fans, supporters and band, reports Song Facts, which couldn't fit in more with the theme of unity and devotion layered throughout. The lines "Singing, 'Long live all the mountains we moved / I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you'" embody Piscean's own loyalty to their loved ones.


Slice dubbed 2012's "Everything Has Changed" as the ultimate Pisces banger. Ed Sheeran, resident crooner and master lyricist, is featured on the track and sings from the perspective of one half of a couple. The entertainment outlet shone a spotlight on the vulnerable line "I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now."