The Most Popular Sunglasses Seen On Meghan Markle

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The royals are known for many distinct fashion items; most notably, crowns and teeny tiny hats. But that all changed when Prince Harry introduced his very fashionable now-wife into the family. It was quickly noted that Meghan Markle's fashion was — and is — unmatched, and her sunglasses are often a main focal point in her outfits. If you're looking to up-level your own accessories, you'll be happy to know that you can shop just about every one of Meghan's sunnies right now. 

Meghan's sunglass game is strong. There's just no other way to put it. Yes, she's had incredible matching suits and stunning jewelry, but her sunglass collection is constantly catching people's eyes. It's for a good reason, too. There is so much personality in her sunglasses, which are always a perfect mix of classic and trendy. 

Whether she's keeping it casual at the Invictus Games or stepping out for a royal tour, Meghan has sported some incredible sunglasses during her time as a royal. The best part is that she has a pair at every price range. Here are some of the best, so you can feel just as regal. 

Meghan's classic Valentino style

For the record, Meghan Markle has never come out and said which one of her amazing sunglasses are her favorites. There is one pair that she wears more than any other — the Valentino VA4083 5001/87 Sunglasses. They might not have the most slide-off-the-tongue name, but they sure are stunning.

The over-sized style features a classic black front with a gorgeous tortoiseshell side. Like mentioned above, these shades totally encompass Meghan's personal style of classic with a hint of trendy. She's worn this pair everywhere from polo matches to the Invictus Games and they've looked incredible with every outfit (via Yahoo! Life). 

Fortunately, enough time has passed since the Duchess of Sussex first wore these that they are now on sale. According to Solstice Sunglasses, you can shop Meghan's exact style for a cool $218. You can also shop them in light brown from Sunglass Hut for an even cheaper $153. That's a small price to pay for a royal relic. 

Her iconic tortoiseshell sunnies

Meghan Markle's Invictus Games 2017 outfit was the first time the world saw what a royal American had the potential to look like (via People). At the time, she was just dating Prince Harry, but this very public date had the world obsessed over Meghan and her style. She wore a stunning pair of thin tortoiseshell sunglasses, a crisp white button-down, and light-wash denim that pretty much single handedly made the coastal grandmother look a thing. 

Her sunglasses were so iconic that people could say "those Meghan Markle glasses" and fashion lovers would know exactly which pair they were talking about. Technically, they're the Finlay Percy Sunglasses in Light Tortoise. The good news is that the style is still available on the brand's website right now in 14 different shades. The bad news is that they're a whopping $225.

But, as Meghan has proven time and time again, these sunglasses go with just about every outfit. She's definitely gotten her wear out of the pair, so you likely will as well.

Meghan's staple style in a classic color

It's no secret that some of Meghan Markle sunglasses are super expensive. She is royal, after all. Thankfully, she's sported a few affordable pairs as well. Back in 2019, she stepped out to Wimbledon with Kate and Pippa Middleton wearing a stunning pair of thin black rimmed glasses (via People). The glasses, as ET Online found, were the Le Specs Women's Bandwagon Sunglasses. 

The sunnies are so classic that they're still very much in style even years after Meghan wore them. Thankfully, the time passed has also made the price go down as well. You can shop the Duchess of Sussex's exact style for just $69 on Amazon right now.

Le Specs also notes that the Air Heart Sunglasses are another one of Meghan's favorite designs by the brands. They're a bit thicker than her Wimbledon-donned pair, but have the same timeless look. With the same affordable price, you might as well just snag both while they're still in stock.  

Her most expensive pair of sunnies yet

It wouldn't be a feature on a royal's style without talking about a super high end style item. In 2018, Meghan Markle wore a pair of $750 sunglasses. According to People, the style came from a small boutique in Toronto and featured an oval silhouette with, get this, 18-22 carat gold detailing, as the publication found. The exact style is now sold out, unfortunately.

Apparently the royal physically went into the store to get the style too. "She really liked them — they were just simple and unique to her," shop-owner Holly Sharma tells People. "She was so sweet and so humble, I'm so honored that she came to our store!" Yes, just simple, $750 sunnies, you know?

No matter what the occasion, you can count on Meghan to wear the perfect sunglasses. The only problem is that it will make you want to buy every single pair.