How Princess Diana's Infamous BBC Interview Still Haunts Prince William

Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, seemed to set the media world ablaze as a result of her controversial interview with the BBC's Martin Bashir. The infamous sit-down interview included details about Diana and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and their rocky marriage that all but cemented that the princess would be divorcing Charles. Royal enthusiasts will always remember the iconic quote Diana spilled on TV screens around the world: "Well, there were three of us in the marriage, so it was a bit crowded," she said, alluding to Charles' ongoing relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. 

Years later, the interview is still a hot topic of conversation after it was discovered that BBC broadcaster Bashir lied to Diana to get the interview, presenting her false documents to lull her onto the screen. Diana's former secretary got a big payout from the BBC in March, and the broadcasting station's boss issued a groveling apology to the royal family. Still, one member of the royal family is still hurt and haunted by the suspicious ways Bashir got Diana to agree to the sit down and the fallout it procured.

Prince William says Diana would never have given the BBC interview without manipulation

Martin Bashir's tell-all interview with Princess Diana came with a number of bombshells, including a rumor alleging an affair between Prince Charles and his sons' nanny. The allegation was fueled by false bank statements Bashir showed Diana, which was a major contributor to her agreeing to sit down for the interview, Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, told the Daily Mail. The false bank statements in question were said to "prove" that William's and Prince Harry's nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, had an affair with Charles and allegedly gotten pregnant and received an abortion, according to Yahoo! News.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, reportedly still feels "a lot of hurt and pain" as a result of the 1995 interview, according to The Sunday Times. Although the BBC has settled its financial payout with Tiggy Legge-Bourke and apologized to the royal family, the Duke of Cambridge reportedly doesn't believe the interview would have ever happened had Bashir not manipulated his mother. William's feelings are bolstered by Diana's brother, who is said to also understand that Diana would not have agreed to the interview had Bashir not lied to her.