How The July 28 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Sagittarius

New moons are always exciting. They not only mark new beginnings but also a reset from the previous energy period. With the world so heavy these days, a reset sounds like a good prospect.

For Sagittarius, born between November 21 to December 21, new beginnings are a delight. Since the fire sign abhors feeling constrained, fixed, and stuck, they welcome change and actually seek it out (via Astrology Zodiac Signs).


Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which only adds to their desire to be free and explore (via Allure). They have an unstable thirst to learn all they can about the world and experience it as well. One of the best traits of a Sagittarius is that they are highly adaptable yet one of their worst is that they are incredibly blunt when setting their opening.

A new moon to a Sagittarius is another chance to delve into all that life has to offer, and the July 28 moon is a particularly fascinating time for them for a few good reasons.

Why the July 28 moon is special

Since new moons come once a month, we have a continual opportunity to take inventory and begin anew (via mindbodygreen). During new moons, it's well worth taking some time to think introspectively. New moons are a period when you should zone in on what you want during the next upcoming month and then commit to manifesting your goals and desires.


The July 28 moon is actually a special reset for Sagittarius specifically since it occurs during Leo season. Sagittarius and Leo are fiercely compatible (via Thought Catalog). They have such complementary traits that a new moon during Leo season spells out amazing things for Sagittarius.

Yet Leo season is a time for every sign to come out of their shell and step into their very best selves. Leo season fosters an urge to shine and be in the forefront of life, something right up the alley of a naturally curious Sagittarius.

What Sagittarius should do during the July 28 new moon

The new moon opens up a pocket of opportunity for adventuresome Sagittarius to become even more brave and daring. According to Bustle, Sags should use this time to push through any fear they are holding on to, move out of their comfort zone, and throw caution to the wind.


The mighty Leo energy will help strengthen the bravado and heighten the charisma of optimistic Sagittarius. As a result, you'll be attracting a lot of positive attention, something Leo is sure to not only condone but encourage.

On the flip side, the new moon will give Sagittarius heightened comfortable energy. Though Sags are already adept at making people feel at ease and in good spirits, the July new moon will further magnify this wonderful quality (via Stylecaster). As a result, Sagittarius will be seen as even more attractive and make people seek them out even more than usual. This will result in bountiful romantic and business connections.