If You're An Enneagram Type 8, You Should Try This Wellness Trend

As an Enneagram type Eight, you exude self-confidence and self-actuality. In fact, you're known as "The Challenger" and are often described as "strong," "assertive," and straight talking, per The Enneagram Institute. You live to be in control of not just yourself, but your surroundings as well. As an Eight, you're always up for a challenge and with a true set of goals, you're constantly keeping yourself busy.

While you're chasing after your dreams and keeping your life on track, though, you may forget to focus on your wellness, which is more important than ever. According to Truity, you aren't interested in other people's opinions, so you may not be running to join your peers for a "hot girl walk" if walking isn't your forte. At your best, you're successful, determined, and extremely generous to those closest to you. However, at your worst, you may avoid intimacy and forgo giving love, as you find it hard to show vulnerability. 

Instead of staying late at work to go over your presentation yet again, consider doing something for your wellness instead. In no time, you'll see how much this one simple change can make a huge difference.

Enneagram type Eights should try cold therapy

Some of the biggest trends in wellness right now include meditation and digital detoxing, per The Everygirl. However, reading that probably sent a chill down your spine if you're an Enneagram Eight. Luckily, you don't have to give up your phone or force yourself to sit still for 30 minutes to meditate. Instead, focus on a wellness trend that speaks to your core and offers you a challenge that can help you relax. The Everygirl recommends cold therapy, or cryotherapy, which can be an intense form of self-care. According to Healthline, you stand in extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes during cold therapy. Often, you stand in an enclosure that reaches temperatures of negative 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit for two to four minutes.

While those two to four minutes may be somewhat painful, the benefits are vast. Regular cold therapy can reduce migraines, help with muscle pain, treat skin conditions, and even help prevent dementia and improve mood disorders. While this practice can be very beneficial, it also comes with some risks, so be sure to speak with your doctor before adding cold therapy to your routine.

Other wellness tips for Enneagram Eights

According to Simple Roots Wellness, as an Enneagram type Eight, you need to focus on balancing your energy. Your go-to attitude can serve you well in many situations, but when it comes to self-care, you often push it to the wayside. With your strong sense of discipline and willpower, a daily exercise routine is a great way to add self-care to your agenda. In addition to physical wellness, you should focus on your mental health as well. For a type Eight, Simple Roots Wellness recommends letting yourself sleep in from time to time, hosting dinner parties to connect with friends, and journaling to express your feelings.

The Good Trade recommends learning breathing exercises to help in stressful situations, which you may often find yourself in. They also recommend volunteering by helping those in need or donating to organizations that mean something to you if you're financially able. At your core, though, the best way for you to practice self-care is to get moving. Go for a bike ride or join a friend for a morning run — your determined and energetic side will thank you for it.