Chris Cuomo Has Some Harsh Words For His Ex-CNN Colleagues

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo recently made headlines again after announcing plans to launch a podcast company and join NewsNation as an anchor — his first career move since being terminated by the cable news network in December 2021, according to Newsweek. Now that he's back in the spotlight, Cuomo also isn't wasting the opportunity to comment on his former CNN colleagues, or more specifically, how they reacted to his termination. 

As reported by CNN late last year, Cuomo was fired from the network after allegations he used his position to interfere in the coverage of his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was accused by numerous women of sexual harassment. In the following weeks, the disgraced journalist also experienced a sexual misconduct allegation, according to CNBC. His show, "Cuomo Prime Time," was frequently CNN's highest-rated show, but that didn't save it from cancelation.

During an interview with NewsNation host Dan Abrams, Cuomo was asked his thoughts on why CNN personalities Jake Tapper and Don Lemon "aggressively" spoke out against him following his termination — and his response will come as a surprise to many. 

Chris Cuomo wasn't afraid of sharing his opinion

When NewsNation host Dan Abrams asked former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo if he thought he was a victim of cancel culture, Cuomo quickly answered, "No. I don't think I've ever been a victim of anything in my life." He added it was his choice to become a public figure, and he didn't feel sorry for himself. Regarding Cuomo's termination, Abrams pointed out that some of Cuomo's former colleagues and longtime friends became publicly critical of him — particularly Don Lemon and Jake Tapper.  

"They're good people," Cuomo responded in his NewsNation interview. "I cannot blame people for acting on what they're told. Should they have called me? Of course. But I understand the circumstances, also. I understand why they might have felt that was not an option, but they're good people. They take their jobs seriously. I'm not gonna judge them for what they say about me based on what they knew and didn't know. I wish them well, and that is the truth."

Cuomo denied having intentions to manipulate other journalists' stories about his brother. He also denied the sexual misconduct allegation made against him. "My feeling is, it's in the past, I'm never going to be able to convince people one way or another [and] I feed the story by commenting on it," he told Abrams. "I denied it, and you try to move on."

Cuomo is expected to debut on NewsNation in fall 2022, according to NBC News.