Jinger Duggar Vuolo's Husband Is Getting Slammed For His Questionable Vacation Activity

The members of the Duggar family are no strangers to criticism. Even from the earliest days of "19 Kids & Counting," parents Jim Bob and Michelle were blasted for their restrictive dress code, their "buddy system" (the oldest daughters essentially raised their younger siblings), and their fundamentalist Christian beliefs regarding education, marriage, and family structure (via CafeMom).  

Even though the family's TV days are behind them, they still get plenty of roasting for various actions and life choices. The adult daughters — Jessa Duggar Seewald, in particular — have drawn shocked reactions for keeping cluttered and dirty homes (via The U.S. Sun). Jessa also posted a controversial photo of her son that revealed he might not be at an appropriate weight for his age. Of course, there's also oldest son Josh Duggar, whose infamous crimes put him in a category all his own (via Page Six).

Another family member who's been feeling the heat lately is Jinger Duggar Vuolo. The sixth of the 19 siblings is married to former pro soccer player Jeremy Vuolo, according to People, and the couple lives in L.A. with their two young daughters. But while many fans are applauding her for breaking free of her closeted upbringing, some fans are worrying that she has strayed too far. Jinger's new hobby of creating custom-designed Nikes raised complaints about both the cost of the shoes and the company's ethics. 

Jeremy isn't immune to criticism, either. A surprise he recently planned for his father has raised more outrage on social media.

Animal lovers protested Jeremy Vuolo's fishing trip

Former "Counting On" star, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, launched a new vlog on YouTube in July 2022. It chronicles highlights of their week, such as attending a country music concert and visiting the Shoe Surgeon sneaker-customizing store. The July 28 episode, however, is being blasted by animal lovers. 

For their father's 70th birthday, Jeremy and his brother arranged a father-sons outing to Miami, where they chartered a deep sea fishing boat and spent a happy day on the water in perfect weather. Among their many catches was a small shark, to the horror of many followers. Some of the responses on Jinger's Instagram post includes, "Shark fishing is needless cruelty ... please reconsider." Another cried, "Leave nature alone!" And yet another wondered why the Vuolo men didn't just do a catch-and-release instead of killing the animals.

However, a supporter just as quickly defended Jeremy by pointing out that the Bible has many mentions of fishing and using animals as food. "All Christians eat animals every day!" they declared. "It is good to know how to catch fish and survive on your own! God made us that way!"

Neither Jeremy nor Jinger have responded to the accusations over the birthday excursion. However, in the future they might think twice before publicizing a fishing trip right in the middle of Discovery Channel's Shark Week.