Royals Every Scorpio Can Relate To

The royal family is made up of a whole lot of people with a whole lot of personalities. So, naturally, it's a balancing act as to how to make them all mesh well together. As we've seen, sometimes it just doesn't happen and people have to abruptly exit the U.K. to make it work. But it turns out that even the sole Scorpio member of the family has people in his corner. 


It's no secret that the Scorpio sign gets a bad rep. They're seen as straightforward, serious, and brutally honest (via Thought Catalog). It turns out that there are just some things that everyone gets wrong about Scorpios. According to Cosmopolitan, Scorpios are often misunderstood if they're not doing what they want to in life. "If you come across a Scorpio who is not living the life they're meant to or feels misunderstood in their environment, the negative clichés will seep out," Drew Allen, the founder of Angelite Astrology tells the publication. 

Lucky for one royal Scorpio, he's sitting in exactly the correct spot, and he is totally thriving. He's got a whole lot of compatible people around him too. Here's all the royal with big Scorpio energy.


Prince Charles is your ideal scorpio

Say hello to the one and only Scorpio in the royal family. Born on November 14, 1948 (per Time), Prince Charles gives off big scorpion-sign energy. First of all, this man puts a whole lot of pride into what he wears, which is a telltale sign of his zodiac sign (via Shop It To Me). He's constantly wearing timeless colors and silhouettes but letting his personality shine through in the many sunglasses that he pops on during events. 


But his Scorpio attributes go much deeper than just his outfits. The man is completely dedicated to his work and always has been. Heck, Queen Elizabeth herself has even stated that he's "a dedicated and respected heir to the throne," which is more than she's said about her other sons, according to Town & Country

Prince Charles never seems to waver and doesn't seem to give up until he achieves what he sets out to do. As Thought Catalog points out, Scorpios "keep going until they earn what they want. There's no doubt in their mind that they deserve it." That was definitely the case when it came to Prince Charles' marriage to Camilla

Scorpios appreciate Prince Harry's grounded energy

Just because Prince Charles is the only Scorpio in the royal family doesn't mean there aren't a whole lot of like-minded personalities surrounding him. Prince Harry is a Virgo, and his calming influence does well in a palace with a Scorpio's big energy (via PrepScholar).


On paper, this duo doesn't seem like a perfect match by any means. Virgos are typically quiet and gentle, while Scorpios are bold and blunt. But, as Elite Daily points out, the two opposites attract each other and make for a truly dynamic duo. There are plenty of similarities between the two as well. Both Scorpios and Virgos seek consistency and dependability (via Elite Daily).

Prince Charles and Prince Harry ruling the royal house together just makes sense. It's not often that you hear about these two butting heads. After all, it took them 37 years and a threat of a tell-all memoir for Prince Charles to get angry and cut his meeting short with Prince Harry. This makes sense considering the one thing that ticks off a Scorpio is finding someone who is ingenuine (via YourTango).


Camilla Parker Bowles speaks to a scorpio's emotional language

To no surprise, Camilla Parker Bowles' Cancer zodiac sign fits perfectly with Prince Charles's Scorpio energy. There are not many signs that are a perfect fit with the sign of the scorpion, but the crab's claws fit perfectly with the scorpion's stinger. In fact, the two speak the same emotional language, which makes it each for Cancers and Scorpios to open up to each other (via Mind Body Green).


If that's not a way to perfectly sum up Prince Charles and Camilla perfectly, then we don't know what is. Just for background, the two officially started dating in 1970 when they met at a polo match, took a break — some say — when he married Princess Diana, and then married Camilla eight years after Princess Diana's death (via Brides). There are even rumors that he bought the now Duchess of Cornwall a bracelet with their initials before his wedding to Princess Diana. The bond between this Cancer and Scorpio is unmatched.

There's a strong friendship connection to Prince William

The bonds between a Scorpio and a Cancer aren't just great on the romantic side. The two water signs make for a great friendship as well, which is seen with Prince William's crab sun (via Mind Body Green). The two signs are both known for being extremely loyal and protective, which makes for a great person to share a palace with. 


As an emotional Cancer, Prince William doesn't shy away from sharing how he feels about his father, either. "He has amazing personal discipline," William said in a documentary, according to Hello! Magazine. He has also called him a "brilliant" grandfather as well. The tight friendship bond between their sun signs clearly makes this the perfect father-son duo as well. 

So while Prince Charles might be the only Scorpio in the royal family, he's definitely surrounded by good company. There are plenty of strong bonds and personalities for him to bump elbows within the palace.