Royal Fans Are Concerned About Queen Elizabeth's Health All Over Again

We can all likely agree that for a 96-year-old woman, Queen Elizabeth looks amazing. That said, the monarch has endured an especially-challenging last few years, having lost her husband of nearly 75 years, Prince Philip, in April of 2021, and battled COVID in February of this year (via BBC).

In light of the difficulties she's faced, a recent photo of the Queen that was juxtaposed next to a similar image from just a year earlier had royal fans concerned. It was evident that Her Majesty has aged, with the current picture revealing a much more frail Queen.

Meanwhile, as followers of the royal family know, the Queen has stepped back from many royal engagements over the past several months, including events surrounding her June Platinum Jubilee. Buckingham Palace has cited discomfort and mobility issues as the reasons that the monarch, who now often sports a walking stick, has pulled back on royal responsibilities.

Now, a new report out of Balmoral, the Queen's beloved summering spot, has royal fans worried anew about the health of the long-ruling sovereign.

The Queen is opting for a smaller welcome event

Although Queen Elizabeth arrived in Balmoral, Scotland in July for her traditional summer getaway, the Mirror reports that a welcome ceremony was scheduled for August 8th. However, the public celebration was canceled at the last minute, with a "small, private event" at the Queen's Highlands residence taking its place.

The outlet notes that this will be a true anomaly for the Queen not to attend the welcome ceremony, which features live performances, and with a source revealing, "The traditional welcome to Balmoral is normally cemented in the Queen's calendar and something Her Majesty really enjoys, being able to greet locals who travel to see her." That she won't be attending is said to be a "bitter" letdown for royal fans.

Royal fans are also now worried about what the Queen missing this event means for the future of her reign health-wise, although at least one person on Twitter felt the move was intended to preserve the 96-year-old's dignity — and we should leave her be.

It's important to add that despite this disappointing development, Queen Elizabeth reportedly plans to make a rare exception to staying in Balmoral to travel back to London in September. A royal insider told the Daily Mail that she intends to install a new prime minister after the election to replace disgraced leader Boris Johnson.