Lauren Boebert's Bizarre Prediction About An Assault Weapon Ban Has Twitter In Stitches

It has been quite a year for everyone, but for conservative U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, it's been a year of public pushback in regard to her oftentimes outlandish remarks.

It's important to note that the representative for Colorado's 3rd congressional district has built her campaign around Republican stances such as "Pro-Freedom, Pro-Guns, Pro-Constitution" (via her campaign website). It's probable that voters who voted for her were impressed by her outspoken viewpoints, but it's also been the catalyst for what has gotten her into hot water from public figures.

For instance, in March 2022 during President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, Boebert infamously interrupted President Biden while speaking on his late son, Beau. For that, she received Twitter backlash, as well as scathing commentary from "The View" host Whoopi Goldberg.

Just a few months later, Boebert has Twitter talking once again, and her comments are not resonating lightly with Americans.

Lauren Boebert says Americans will start 'eating dogs' if assault rifles are banned

Lauren Boebert has made headlines in the media for openly attacking politicians like Vice President Kamala Harris for things like using she/her pronouns, and this time around, Boebert's remarks on a  conservative news-focused television station have been shocking to some. Boebert recently appeared on Newsmax in conversation with Sebastian Gorka to discuss her pro-second amendment stance, and made a startling comment about her views on the future of the United States (via the Daily Mail).

Boebert compared Venezuela, which banned the commercial sale of guns and ammunition back in 2012, to the current state of the U.S. "You know here in America, we have gourmet treats for puppies, we have these amazing groomers for dogs," Boebert told Gorka, as seen in a video clip uploaded on Twitter. "Well, in Venezuela, they eat the dogs and it started because they don't have firearms. They do not have a way to protect themselves, to defend themselves against a tyrannical government."

Boebert's comments were in reference to the House's decision to pass a bill banning semiautomatic assault weapons in a narrow vote of 217-213.

The social media site retorted in no time, with one user tweeting: "I'm Canadian. We have gun laws banning assault weapons. Neither I nor my neighbours have eaten any dogs." Another user took a sarcastic jab writing, "Does anyone else want to know more about that time Lauren Boebert ate her dog because she couldn't find her gun?"