How The August 27 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

The new moon in Virgo happens once a year, bringing out the zodiac's inner master organizer — or at least the signs' inner desire to get themselves together, per Bustle. Virgos are known for their attention to detail and deep investment in their goals and future. This lunar cycle will motivate the signs to change things up for the better, especially when it comes to wellness and taking care of themselves. The new moon comes with a new alignment, since the sun and moon both hit the same degree within a single zodiac sign, per mindbodygreen. This energy can kickstart good habits as we wind down the summer season. 

Bustle asks the zodiac to prepare to defend their time as obligations stack up or as others try to take advantageous of their boosted Virgo-esque work ethic. While Taurus season may inspire other signs to attend to matters of the home and dig into their nurturing side, Virgo brings out the zodiac's perfectionistic tendencies. This can come in handy as preparations are underway for a new school year, the fresh fall season, or getting ready for the onslaught of upcoming holidays. 

Here's what to expect from the new moon as a Taurus.

Romantic connections are looking promising for Tauruses

Like the other signs, Taurus may be thrown off by the collision of stable Venus and hectic Uranus during the new moon, according to Bustle. But the bull may be approaching some important questions surrounding their core relationships, and the new moon may provide some much-needed clarity in a sticky situation, per the New York Post.

Tauruses can be thankful that Virgo is a fellow Earth sign, since this will be a grounding force in their whirlwind summer wrap-up. Bustle emphasized that practical Virgo will encourage Tauruses to laser in on their plans without giving up on fun. Romance ushered in by the new moon excitement won't have to take a backseat if a Taurus can romanticize their life while keeping their head on their shoulders.

The New York Post supports Tauruses who want to make big moves in the love department. And this doesn't have to be in conflict with their better-safe-than-sorry attitude. Rewards can arrive in a place of safety, just as they can come when we take big swings. Ultimately, a Taurus should listen to their intuition and pragmatism, while trusting that the universe's signs are leading them in the right direction. Anything is possible with the new moon happening in Taurus' love sector, Virgo, per the Post.

There may be a bump in the road the day after the new moon

Cosmopolitan's horoscope for the end of August also indicates that romance is on the horizon, or ramping up for a Taurus. But new creative projects could also be the next true love in the bull's life. Their passion and drive kicked into high gear thanks to task-oriented Virgo, it may be time for Tauruses to check the back-burner for elements of their life that brought them joy in the past.

The outlet warns that a celestial event — the planet Venus in Leo squaring up with Saturn in Aquarius — August 28 may affect their interpersonal relationships, namely those surrounding the home. Tauruses can take let-downs personally, so it's best to focus on what is going well with others rather than the occasional — perhaps inevitable — disappointments when they fail to show up. 

The new moon is a prime time for reflection, per mindbodygreen, and a Taurus can find reassurance by looking back at their growth over the last season. However, they should avoid getting stuck in the past completely and instead suss out how frustrating moments can lead to clarifying decisions. Both outlets agree that a new moon is the ideal time to introduce more affirmations into the rotation and set sights on intentions for the new lunar cycle.

The good news is that the August 28 transit won't have a Taurus in a funk for long, and they can expect their Virgo season motivation and resilience to pick up right where it left off.