The Queen's Final Resting Place After Her Death Will Have A Symbolic Connection To Her Father

When the longest-reigning monarch in British history passes away, it will understandably plunge the country into a state of shock and devastation. 

Considering all of the code name operations British officials will carry out following the queen's death, it's clear there are strict procedures in place to deal with this eventuality. In fact, The Guardian confirms that certain elements have been set in stone for decades, while others are gradually honed over regular meetings, held annually.

Suffice to say, when it happens, the UK will be ready. And they're not the only ones — even "The Crown" is preparing for Queen Elizabeth's death. As Politico points out, the details of "Operation London Bridge," as it's known behind closed doors, have been a tightly kept secret for years. It's only now that Her Majesty's death seems likely to occur relatively soon that we're learning the particulars of what happens when she passes, including how the transfer of power will occur.

From the newly crowned King Charles going on a whirlwind tour of Britain to how long the queen's coffin will be available for fans and dignitaries to pay their respects, everything is planned out to the letter. When Her Majesty is finally laid to rest, meanwhile, she'll be sweetly close to her late father.

Her Majesty will be laid to rest in King George VI Memorial Chapel

The Queen's funeral won't actually happen until nine days after her death, once the various protocols have been carried out accordingly. A day of national mourning will then take place, per The Guardian, during which everything will be closed, including banks and even the London Stock Exchange, as a mark of respect. In total, Britain will be in an official state of mourning for 12 days following the queen's death, according to The Mirror.

Next, Big Ben will chime, signaling that a moment of silence is about to descend upon the country, following which the queen's coffin will travel by hearse to Windsor Castle, where sovereigns are buried. Her family will be waiting to greet it, standing on the grass in silence. Notably, the TV broadcast will end when the cloister gates are closed. Finally, she will be laid to rest in the royal vault, in King George VI Memorial Chapel, so-called after her beloved father.

Tatler confirms that the queen's husband, Prince Philip, who passed away in April 2021, will be moved to lie alongside her after being previously placed in another area of the chapel. King George VI is also buried there, as well as his own wife, the Queen Mother, and Her Majesty's sister, Princess Margaret. An eye-catching black stone slab, set into the floor, features the names "George VI" and "Elizabeth" inscribed in gold, alongside their dates of birth and death.

Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne without any advance warning

As Town & Country details, "Queen Elizabeth II: An Oral History" lays out how, back in 1952, a then-25-year-old Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of Windsor learned that her beloved father, King George VI, had suffered a heart attack and passed away in his sleep. His Majesty's body was discovered the following morning by his personal valet. Thus, she immediately became Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty was on a royal tour, in Kenya, at the time, having stepped in for her father at the last minute. 

When she passes away, Prince Charles will have had more of an opportunity to get used to the idea of being king. Royal expert Joe Little, editor of Majesty magazine, informed Page Six that Buckingham Palace is actively preparing for the upcoming changeover of power, especially given the queen's recent health issues. He explained, "Unlike [the queen's father] King George VI, who died quicker than expected and with not a lot of preparation, this is well mapped out and orchestrated."

However, Princess Diana's former voice coach, Stewart Pearce, told The Sun that Charles might choose to abdicate and pass the crown directly to his elder son, Prince William, instead. "He doesn't want to do it, such a difficult task," he said. We'll have to wait and see when the time comes, but, regardless, Charles will be considerably more prepared than his mother was.