What Is Hilary Duff's Zodiac Sign?

Hilary Duff originally gained fame for her starring role in Disney Channel's 2001 show "Lizzie McGuire," but has since found success in music, film, and other television roles, per Biography. Recently, the Y2K icon has starred in the shows "Younger" and "How I Met Your Father," and has been enjoying family life with her husband Matthew Koma and her three kids.

Given her stardom, you might be wondering what Duff's zodiac sign is, and what exactly it can tell us about the once-Disney star. If you're unfamiliar, astrology uses the movement and positions of celestial bodies to understand human behavior and events, per The Fanscotian. Made up of 12 zodiac signs, the study of astrology can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians who found significance in the sun's movements through various constellations.

Knowing one's zodiac sign can potentially tell you a lot about them, such as their communication style and their compatibility with another sign. Read on to find out what Hilary Duff's zodiac sign is.

Hilary Duff's zodiac sign is...

Born in Houston, Texas on September 28, 1987, per Biography, Hilary Duff is a Libra. An air sign, Libras are known for being blissful, light-hearted, avoidant, and indecisive, per Astrology.com. As mentioned by Allure, they are also drawn to balance and harmony and value external things like beauty and money.

Libra's commitment to long-term relationships can be seen in Duff's partnership with her husband Matthew Koma. Koma and Duff got married in 2019 but began dating in 2016 after collaborating on her 2015 album, "Breath In. Breathe Out.," per Us Weekly. Since then, the star has taken to Instagram to post about their love story. In a birthday post, Duff said, "Everyday with you is better than the last ... Happy Birthday to the one who makes us laugh the most and the one who has made me utterly and irreversibly complete," per her Instagram post.

The Libra's desire to live in a well-designed space reflective of their harmonious instincts can also be shown by the look of Duff's home. As seen in an interview with Architectural Digest, the interior design of Duff's LA home is on-point, with harmony in her color palettes and symmetry in her geometric patterns.

Even more can be learned from Hilary Duff's birth chart

Knowing someone's zodiac sign, also known as their sun, can tell you a lot about them, but astrology offers a more in-depth look at someone's personality through birth charts, per Thought Catalog. Because it considers the specific time and place that a person was born, it can provide a more exact reading of a person's personality based on the placement of celestial bodies during their birth.

Although sun signs drive the personality, moon signs provide insight into an individual's underlying desires, emotions, and fears, per Cosmopolitan.com. According to Astrotheme, Hilary Duff's moon is in Sagittarius, giving her a positive perspective on life and emphasizing her creative and passionate side, per Stars Like You.

A person's ascendant sign, also known as rising, is indicative of how they appear to others or how they project themselves. Duff's ascendent sign is Aquarius, meaning that she is likely to come off as socially aware and outgoing, per Stars Like You.