How The August 27 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Leo

Well, it's official. Dunkin Donuts has kicked things off with the return of the infamous pumpkin spice latte, and it's clear that summer is over before it's even officially over. It may look nothing like fall outside, but people are already whipping out their cozy sweaters. With the end of summer comes a time to reflect on the past half of the year and prepare for the colder months coming. What better time to reflect than under the August 27, 2022 new moon

Granted, this new moon is a little different from others. Typically a new moon is all about new beginnings, manifestation, and embarking on new journeys, per Elite Daily. Well, this new moon in Virgo isn't quite that. The August 27 new moon is actually calling you to do some serious introspective self-work and dig deep rather than start something new, per Nylon. Instead of jumping headfirst into new beginnings, the energy of this new moon is more about preparing for said new beginnings and figuring out how ready you are and how ready you can be. 

Of course, with new moon energies, things can all sound a little vague. That is, until you take the extra step to understand precisely how this lunation will impact your specific zodiac sign. Well, fiery Leo, here's how this new moon in the sign that's taken over your season will affect you.

Your partying has left your bank account crying

The party is over Leo (July 23-August 22). Well, so to speak, after all, whether your birthday month has passed or not there's no reason to not make every month all about you anyway, right? But, as your birthday comes to a close, it's time to reflect on all the love and light you experienced during it. You had some amazing times, and you lived it up to the fullest. Now, it's time to kick back and recover — more importantly, it's time for your bank account to recover. 

This new moon lands in your second house of income, Leo, and it's time to stop avoiding all the damage you've done in the vein of birthday day, week, or month, per Bustle. It was the fun time you needed and deserved, but you can't ignore your finances for much longer. Use this new moon to sort through things and make sure you're financially set up and secure for your next chapter. 

Nothing is quite as boring as accounting, but it's this little decision that can serve you in the future and avoid that exhausting drowning feeling of being overwhelmed by how much you spent all summer and realizing it a little too late, per Cosmopolitan. But don't worry Leo, it's not all boring adulting for you this new moon and your finances could take a turn for the better to help you out with that recovery ...

Abundance is coming

Insert cash with wings emoji, Leo, because this new moon landing in your second house of finances could also help you out financially instead of just urging you to work through your taxes. Woman & Home points out that this new moon is all about financial prosperity for Leos. Sure, you may have burned through quite a bit of cash this past month, but abundance is coming. 

This new moon could bring with it some much-needed extra cash for you, Leo, whether that's in the form of an income increase or even a new stream of income being introduced. But with great money comes great responsibility, and this new moon is the time for you to really assess your relationship with money. Whether you're overspending and need to focus on saving for the future, or if you've been depriving yourself in the name of saving then maybe it's time to treat yourself, per Cosmopolitan

Your spending habits need some help, and this new moon landing in your second house of finances offers the perfect energy to reconsider how you choose to spend your money and how you can optimize it. Use the new moon in perfectionist Virgo's energy, after all the sign is all about finding solutions and fixing messes so this new moon's energy is the perfect setting to figure out all of your finances and set yourself up for the future, per Costar.