How The August 27 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Virgo

Every new moon brings with it its very own energy — each lunation offers a completely different experience. Sure, new moons overall are all about ushering in new beginnings and the promise of change, per Elite Daily. That being said, depending on what surrounds it a new moon's meaning could vary. For example, an eclipse can throw a new moon's energy into whack and it could end up not being the best setting to set new intentions. Another big factor when it comes to determining how to tackle a new moon is the sign in which it lands.

The August 27 new moon lands in Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22), the sign of problem-solving, deep analysis, and introspection, per Co–Star. There's no denying that this energy plays a big role in how you should receive this new moon. But that's not a bad thing when it comes to digging deep within yourself and setting new intentions — we could all do with a bit of Virgo's decisive and focused energy. 

This new moon may not necessarily be the best for manifestation, but it is perfect for the vital step that comes before that: figuring out what you want. Virgo energy is all about perfectionism and solutions, so this new moon is a great opportunity to get your ducks in a row and ask yourself the hard questions you need answers to before you even begin to decide where you want to go next, per Nylon. With all the Virgo energy surrounding us, it's only right to figure out how this new moon impacts Virgos directly. 

Don't be so hard on yourself, Virgo

Happy birthday season, Virgo! Now that fiery Leo has taken a step aside, it's your time to shine. Whether you've already celebrated or are eagerly awaiting your birthday, this season is all about you. Birthdays are essentially our own personal New Year, and they're a powerful time for reflection and figuring out if you're where you want to be and on the path to where you want to go. 

You're big on being hard on yourself, Virgo. You can't help it, you're a perfectionist. But with this rare new moon landing in your sign during your season, it's time to flip the script. You may be tempted to question where you are at this stage of your life, but it's time to show yourself some grace. The new moon lands in your first house of self, and that means you need to show yourself some love and kindness, per Woman & Home

Instead of using this new moon to figure out all of your problems and push yourself to embark on a new path, ask yourself why you feel the need to do so. Dig deep and figure out where this need to fix everything is coming from — you are hardest on yourself but on this new moon, it's time to take it easy and let yourself be. It's your birthday, after all, this is hardly the time to uproot your life! Appreciate where you are and how far you've come, you brought yourself here.

Seek help to make your life easier

With deep introspection comes intense realizations. This new moon may not be the time to jump headfirst into a new beginning, but it is the time to understand what you need from yourself. Don't make any rash decisions or big moves, but instead take the time to figure out what big moves you may want to make in the future and what could be holding you back. 

Astrologer Stephanie Whaley explains to PopSugar that Virgos need to stop overanalyzing and obsessing over their progress this new moon, instead, Whaley advises, "Your biggest commitment must always be to yourself." You're doing this all for you, so being hard on you is hardly the way to go. 

Failing is okay, it is part of the process and you need to fight your inner Virgo urges to see failure as a setback. Instead, figure out how you can improve and what habits you may need to change to better yourself. Astrologer Narayana Montufar explains to Women's Health Magazine how Virgos need to not hold themselves back this new moon. "It is their nature to believe others can't do things as well as they can. Virgos will benefit from delegating. If they take on too much, they will get super anxious," Montufar explains. Whether in your career or personal life, it's okay to take some of the pressure off of yourself and ask for help to achieve the goals you so passionately want to. Being gentle with yourself this new moon also means reaching out to others, despite how hard that can be for your perfectionist self.